My life

By hairegk
  • Born

    First breath of air.
  • Last day of elementary

    It wa fun and easy in elementary ready for a change in middle school.
  • Hit my first home run

    It took 5 years to hit a homerun it was one of the best feelings in my life
  • Last year of collage

    Worked hard in collage for 3 years 1 more year to go.
  • Got picked up by M.C United

  • Graduated Middle school

    It was fun in Middle school. I am ready for high school.
  • Scored fisrt variesty goal

  • Graduate high school

    I graduated highschool in 2018 of 13 years of hard work of school. Hopeing to go to collage to play sports and to get a good education.
  • Collage

    I got a scolarship to Louisville for soccer hopeing to earn a starting position.
  • Entering the MLS

    Hopeing to get drafted but if i don't i got a degree and used that to get a job.
  • Got married

    Got married to a beatiful wife.
  • Bought a house

    Hope good things happen in th house we bought.
  • 1st kid

    Gald to be a father.
  • 2nd kid

    Its another boy gald to be a father of 2 kids.
  • Turned 30

  • 3rd kid

    Its a girl first girl child.
  • Retired from Soccer

    It was a fun soccer carreer hope my kids play soccer.
  • turned 50

    50 years of life.
  • 60 years old

  • 70 years old

  • 80 years old

  • 90 years old

  • last breath of air at age 93