My Life

  • My First Birthday

    My moms bithday was the next day!
  • Period: to


  • First slam dunk ever

    the net was pretty short but whatever
  • Fractured skull

    Thomas the Train track piece was tossed at my head by twin brother.
  • First trip to Walt Disney World

    Walt flippin' Disney World!!!!!
  • PS2 breaks from stupid "friend"

  • First Comic Con

    Who doesn't love the C4 canadian geek convention
  • PS2 gets fixed

    PS2 gets fixed
    Best thing ever
  • Went to Festival du Voyageur with my class

    So cold
  • First time paintballing

  • Kyle and Mitchell leave my school

  • Got Frogs

    Got Frogs
  • Got XBOX 360

    Got XBOX 360
    Heck yes!
  • My teacher is my 4th cousin

    He was a cool dude
  • Most money I have ever had

    Most money I have ever had
    $260 :)
  • I go to Comic - Con in Toronto

    i went in costume too.