My Life

By sunny16
  • Period: to

    my awsome life

  • birth

    i was born and i was a naugthy boy
  • My frist party

    My mouther came home and my mom and i had a big party
  • My frist bith day

    well i grew about 3-4 milimer
  • My frist word

    My frist word was papa momy and car up there
  • My first cartoon

    My first cartoon
  • i saw a ferrari

    i saw a ferrari
  • my first bon bon

    my first bon bon
  • My best trip

    My best trip
    ffffffffffffffffffffffffff that trip .......... a bit
  • My first sleep over

    My first sleep over
    yuck i slep late at night or morning cause its 3:00 in ther morning
  • my first kiss

    my first kiss
    i dont know how it happeen
  • my mom was in the CIA

    my mom was in the CIA
    i was not sapost to tell this cause its top secret
  • My brouthers new moutersickle

  • red shert attack

    red shert attack
    red shertThe red shirt are dangerous and plus they even bearn down centirl world and 100's of people die from shooting and killing and also us rubber bulet to shoot and the sad pic was sad
  • met my sister in hilton luxury in germany

    met my sister in hilton luxury in germany
  • i learn abit about hitler

    its a funny learninn of when he did dum things