my life

  • My birth

    I was born in Santiago.Mis parents are Paola and Marcial
  • Period: to


  • My first step

    I walked in my house
  • my first birthday

    I celebrated with my family
  • My first words

    I said mama
  • my sister birth

    my sister born in stgo
  • my first day of school

    I went to kinder garden
  • My firts Friends

    I met cintia , constanza and valentina
  • my first kiss

    I kissed guillermo
  • my first tryp

    travel to beach
  • my first pet

    I had a rabit
  • My first boyfriends

    I was with Nicolás
  • My graduation

    I celebrated with my friends
  • My first day of high school

    I went to Guillermo gonzales heinrich
  • My first Time

    I was with matias