my life

  • my birth

    i was bporn in santiago.
    my parents are Carmen and Eduardo
  • Period: to

    Gabriela Andrea

  • first words

    i said mom
  • my first birthday

    I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends
  • I took my first steps

    my mom and my brothers
    They were exposed at the time
  • my first day in the garden

    that day I accompanied
    my mother to the garden
  • My first day at school

    I was very happy that day
  • the birth of my little brother

    my whole family went
    to the hospital to meet
  • I gave my first kiss

    my first kiss with
    my current boyfriend
  • I graduated from eighth grade

    That day was very special for me
  • Summer observations

    trip with my friends my
    little brother and my mother
  • finished with my boyfriend

    peel and distrust
  • compliance my fifteen years

    They were exposed
    me my friends and family
  • I started a new relationship

    called yonathan
  • my firts day of liceo

    i went in 29 february
  • I returned to my old boyfriend

    fix the problems and
    we were able to understand