my life

By GNeal1
  • birth

    I was born the day after my uncle. the one I will talk about later.
  • Period: to

    my life

  • uncles car crash

    uncles car crash
    My uncle died in a car accedent when I was two. He was coming to our house when he crashed in a ditch and hit a tree and died.
  • 9-11

    on 9-11 i rember coming home from school and on the news was the two towers crashing down. I felt bad for all the familys affected by the towers crashing down.
  • war starts

    war starts
    the day after 9-11 the war starts. it would be a long War
  • 4-Wheeler crash

    4-Wheeler crash
    when I got My first 4-wheeler I crashed it in a tree. I was scared to ride it after that.
  • fun at a park

    fun at a park
    i liked to havefun with my family. so we go to big park.
  • flood

    In the flood my ants house was half way under water. She lost a lot of her things .
  • great uncle joe

    when my great uncle died my dad, 2 uncles, and me drove to mussiur for his funral. it was a sad trip back to Iowa.
  • oil spill

    oil spill
    BP let all of that oil go in to the Gulf. It killed a lot of fish and a lot of places went out of buissness.
  • grampa gets canser

    My grampa got canser in 2010. I was really scard that somthing bad might happen to him. they had to cut the canser out . Now I think its gone .
  • my first race

    My first race was 200 laps. I made 155 laps but still finshed. I was so tired after the race.
  • war comes to an end

    war comes to an end
    On that day we were coming home frome the races when my uncle called and said they killed the terreist. I was supprised.