My life

  • Period: to


  • Birth

    Sean Yazdani, the legacy, the champion, was born on this day
  • Got a new car

    bought a new car
  • Graduation (High School)

    After a long hard time in school, Sean graduates with so much swag, the school explodes. (just kidding)
  • Buy a new car

  • Graduation from College

    I graduated from College and now attending Medical School.
  • First Apartment

  • Medical School Graduation

    Graduated from Medical School and go on to a career in Medicine
  • Married

  • First born child

  • Second child is born

  • Pay off Loans for car and student

  • Buy first house

  • First born graduates from High school

  • Period: to

    First born goes to college

  • Second Child graduates from High school

  • Period: to

    College for second born

  • Retirement

    with $3,108,847
  • First born gets married

  • Second born gets married

  • Death