My Life

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    My Lifetime

  • Mass Media at Birth

    One of the first TV shows I watched was "Franklin". My brothers spent time doing this when I was a child and it was something I looked forward to. This show provided me with ideas about values in actual society.
  • First Learning

    As a child I first learned about the alphabet and numbers by "Leap Frog" activites and games. The early knowlede helped me understand how to communicate and negotiate.
  • Young peers

    Early in my life the only peer I had was my brother since we didn't live near neighbors so all I had was him. My peers helped me create skills to interact with others different from me and helped get along with those who are different.
  • Christmas with Family

    Early in my life Christmas was still celebrated with me and my brother since my other brother and sister weren't born yet. Sitting on Santa's lap was family associated. My family started influencing my values. It also helped me with my self-esteem.
  • My First Peers

    My first peers were in pre-school. Some of those peers are still my peers today. These peers taught me how to challenge my family agent by taking in there opinions as well. Also, it helped me work with social equals.
  • First Education

    I first went to All Gods Children when I was roughly three years old. This is one of the first times I had gone to a school with other unknown children. School taught me to accept people who are different and showed me other ethinic cultures.
  • Hockey Influence

    Hockey was the first sport I loved to watch. I had role models in hockey that I loved to act like and talk about. I expericened my first role models because of hockey. The behavior of my role models possibly effected how I was going to act through my life since they were the first athletes I wanted to be like.
  • Family as a Toddler

    My family at this point is all together and close. Christmas is always a time that our family is together. My family was the most influencial to me because I spent the most time with them and I loved them.
  • Peers in sports

    By this time in my life I have joined teams and my teamates have been my most important peers. My teamates helped me get along with those who are different and make me become different from my family.
  • Family

    My brothers still play a large part in my family at this time in my life. My family created my foundation of civilized behavior by teaching me whats socially acceptable and what it isn't. They stand behind me and I know I can rely on them for support.
  • Mass Media in Elementary

    This time in my life I started liking teams and players my friends liked to. These teams influenced what friends I hung around with and who I would look up to in the future. These role models behaviors would display mine because I would want to be just like them.
  • Education at Prairie

    Prairie was the first actual school I attended and met the peers I would have until I graduate. The first time I expericend the real school system I learned of a hidden ciriculm and learned how to be obiedent and self-reliable.
  • Peers by Middle School

    My teamates still played the largest role in peers at this time. They were my friends in school so we were closer friends. By this stage in my life my peers help me develop self-efficency from my family making me become independent.
  • Family at this Time

    My family is starting to mature and take on new responsibilites. My family seemed to even out and continue to teach me how to be a respected adult in society.
  • Professionals effect on me

    I watched baseball becasue it was my favorite sport. I had people I looked up to and people I enjoyed watching. It made me want to become them. Role models continued to be a large part in my life.
  • Education at the Middle School Level

    At this time we have moved buildings and I am exspericening multiple teachers for the first time. My education continued to help me understand others values and make me become dominate in what I do.