My Life

By jcook
  • Date of Birth

    The day I was born at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, KY to the parents of Tim and Kim.
  • Josh's Lawn Care

    I started my own lawn care business with one customer in neighborhood. I never had to advertise and have continued to grow each year. Unfortunatlly I have had to turn down work which is not good, but I can only do what I can!
  • 9/11

    9/11 changed America. I was in 5th grade and remember my dad talking about going to New York to help out as a Firefighter. This was very hard on me!
  • Mission Tour

    Spruce Pines, NC. My first Mission Tour and boy was it an adventure! This was the start to my new favorite time of year, the week of July 4th!
  • Morgan's Funeral Home

    I started working as a Funeral Director Assistant at Morgan's Funeral Home and continue to to this day. I love this job and enjoy ministering to all the families that walk thru our doors!
  • Mission Tour

    Hilton Head, SC. Beautiful place but a great need for Christ! We went to a McDonald's at midnight and ordered 100 double cheeseburgers and fries at the drive thru window and they fixed them with a smile on their face for us! God sure was looking out for us!
  • Mission Tour - BEST DECISION EVER!

    Spruce Pines, NC. This was a beautiful area with a great need for the message of Christ! I accepted Christ to be my personal Lord and Savior this year at Freedom Baptist Church on a Saturday night! The BEST decision I ever made!
  • Graduation Day!

    High School Graduation Day
  • Mission Tour

    Zwolle, Lousiana. Loved this place although we stayed in house trailors. I worked with the 4th and 5th grade and became close with a few of the children. One girl made me a necklace so that I would never forget her. It still hangs in my car to this day!
  • John A Gupton Mourtuary College

    I moved to Franklin, TN and lived with my uncle after graduating high school. I attended John A Gupton Mourtuary College to become a mortician but at the end of my first semester I decided that I did not have the stomach it took for clinicals at that time. I made tons of new friends and loved every minute of it. I hope to return to finish my licensing after graduating from MSU.
  • Madisonville Community College

    I moved back home and enrolled in Madisonville Community College to start my adventure to become a Special Education/Elementary School teacher. I continue to follow this dream to this day.
  • Mission Tour

    Dauphin Island, AL MissionTrip! I got to work with Dauphin Island Baptist Church and was blessed beyond means! The funniest thing was to see a very serious guy in our church do "I Am So H-A-P-P-Y" song.
  • Mission Tour!

    Dauphin Island, AL Mission Trip. Got to work at Mobile Baptist Church with some wonderful children sharing the love of Christ with them! I only put about 1,500 miles on my car!