MY Life

By ktbee1
  • Conception

    My parents had a great night,and made big things happen.
  • Period: to


  • Birthday!

    Biosocial. I was born at 6.59 a.m. My mother had eaten very well while being pregnant. Differnt from the average newborn who only weighs 7.7 lbs, I was a large 9'3lbs, with alot of hair! Withing the first two years I also grow four times heiver than my birth weigh, and already be 1/5 my adult weight.
  • Attachment

    psycosocial; Within the first two years I Started forming an attachments with my sister and parents, feeling and being loved and secure by them. I also began trusting them, and feeling uncomfortable when around strangers.
  • Big steps

    cognative. This is when i really started to make big moves, walking, my mom told me that at 8 months is when i started walking, which is really early. I started talking around 12 months, my first words were da-da, I was daddys girl to say the least.
  • Relationship

    Psychosocial. In my early childhood, around age 4 is when i really started started froming a relationship with my cousins who lived 2 houses down while i was growing up. The three girls were one year apart and all within a year of age from me. We loved to play house and school, and do fun things outside. They soon became real close to me.
  • outdoor fun

    Cognative. I was 5 when i started to learn how to ride a bike, play games, and started playing sports like soccer, softball, and cheerleading, I played alot of sports and had alot of fun!
  • Lucky Lefty

    Biosocial. Around 5 years old I found out i was left handed, my grandma was also born left handed, but they forced her to switch very early.
  • Kindergarden

    Cognative. My first day of school! I was 6 years old, I did not go to preschool but I did attend a little library club once a week.
  • healty habits

    Biosocial.In my mid childhood, around 7 years old, I started becoming more aware of my hygien, and keeping up with it, and not need to be bugged by my mom to brush my teeth.:)
  • Moving

    Psychosocial; Biosocial. We packed up and moved to a new neighborhood. I had to adapt to many changes, and started making new friends at school.
  • Social Norms

    Cognative, psychosocial. I staterd learning that there were certin things that were really expected of me, what was right, what was wrong, and also how i should be acting. My best friend later tells me that she knew we would be friends, because I put a napkin on my lap before i ate at lunch time
  • Gradeschool

    Cognative. In 6th grade I started learing more about grammerI remember a bight thing was using 'may I' instead of 'can I'.
  • responsibilities

    Biosocial. I started having alot more responsibilites, having chores, helping with the dogs, doing student council, keeping up with school, and always going to sports practices.
  • Puberty

    Biosocial. I remember my mom used to call me a pollywog before while going through changes, and growing.
  • freedom

    psychosocial. I was able to atart maknig more decissions on my own, being able to go to places on my own, and I was also givin a moped at 14, so my cousin and I cruised the neighborhood which let me feel free, while still following all my parents rules about it.
  • Egocentrism

    Cognitive. During early adolescence I remeber I used to hate swim class because I would think that everyone was looking at me and was thinking something, just an imaginary audience obviously.
  • falling in love

    psychosocial. I had my first real boyfriend, at age 15, who made me feel like a princess, but as most first loves do, it ended, leaving me to realize what i really want and do not want in a person.
  • Graduation

    Cognative. Yay! I had finished highschool and was ready to keep furthering my education, and started Schoolcraft College in the fall.
  • Body and health

    Biosocial. Emerging adulthood I started to take alot more care of myself and my body. I had noticed that even after my lifestyle chnges, there was still something wrong, I later found out I was suffering form a mood disorder, I was diagnosed with an Anxiety disored as well as bipolar disorder.
  • Dialectical thought

    Cognative. I had gone throuh a failed relationship, and began re evaluating who I wanted in my life, the types of relationships I had in my life, where things went wrong and right, and how to better them. I also started thinknig about who I was going to give my time and energy to.
  • Doing for myself

    Cognative. Postformal thought, I began to start living much more independtly, with alot more responsibilites.
  • Vocational Identity

    Psychosocial. I am starting to figure out what i really want to do in life, as well as the reasons why I want to keep progressing in life, so I keep continuing my education at WSU, and go for a neuroscience degree
  • Identity

    pschosocial. I am older and more mature, and finally feel as if I know who I am and who I want to be.
  • Morals and values

    Cognitive.I start to think about what I really care about in life, who I am, what I believe in, and what is really good for me, what good I do for others and how i want to live life.
  • The real deal

    psychosocial. I found the man i want to marry, we spend alot of time loving eachother.
  • Going to the chapel

    Psychosocial. I get married to my best friend! He fits perfectly in my puzzle, and we make eachother so unbelievably happy.
  • Graduation

    I now have my masters degree in neuroscience, and am out to face the world.
  • baby!

    psycohsocial. I have my first Child, She is a beautiful addition to our new family.
  • aging

    Biosocial.I start seeing the signs of my adulthood. I am noticing real wrinkles, my collegen starts decreasing by 1% each year. I notice I am not a young woman anymore.
  • Worker bee

    Cognative. I love my job, and I feel as if i am more skilled as ever at it, I have had experience, and alot of knowledge gained for my past 15 years of working.
  • midlife crisis

    Biosocial. I am totally freaked out that i really just keep getting older, it starts getting to my head, literally, I start getting my fist gray hair!
  • More babies!

    I had my first grandbaby! She is a doll, and I spoil her to the fullest!
  • mid adulthood

    Biosocial. hot flashes, crazy moments, and no sleep,this can only mean one thing, menopause, I start taking hormone supplements to ease my symptoms.
  • retirement

    Psychosocial. I am 53 and I have finally retired, now can spend all my time seeing whats going on in my families lives :)
  • a loss.

    Cognitive. I have lost my father, although a very disguctingly painful experience, i had learned that dispite the loss, we know that we had both gained a beautiful grandchild.
  • Values

    Psychosocial.Later in my adulthood, my values have changed, now all i can think about is how my life has been, how i can impact my family that i have created, and enjoy all of our time together. I am usually spending my time with my family now. I also love to give them some of the wisdom I have learned in my life.
  • Aging

    Biosocial. In my late adulthood,I am noticing that my sleep is getting worse, I now am wearing eyeglasses for almost every occassion, and am noticing my hearing isnt as well as it used to be.
  • Brain Slowdown

    Cognitive. I am 73 and now in my later adulthood I am noticing I am not able to remember as mush as I used to, I have to write everything down that i need to remember, and I am constanly retelling stories.
  • old

    Psychosocial. I am old, and there is nothing i can do about it, but love my family and life.
  • Frail

    I am now very old and fail, i do not remember much, no new facts, but still hanging on to the fond memories in life.
  • death

    I have lived a very long happy and fufilling life, I now go in my sleep at my nursing home with my family at my side.