My Journey of Social Conscience

By cjkim7
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    Where it all began...
  • My Brother's Birthday

    My Brother's Birthday
    I prayed for him for 2 years. I guess I didn't want to be lonely. The significance: I became a single child to the eldest. I had more responsibility; not everything was going to be about me only anymore. I feel that part of being an older sister made me care for those children in Cambodia/Jordan/Thailand/etc. more and have a stronger sense of responsibility to do what is right in the world.
  • Discovering the Other Side of Korea

    Discovering the Other Side of Korea
    Some time in my 7th summer, I got lost returning home from my grandmother's church to her house. It really was only a 8-minute walk, but I guess I took a wrong turn and ended up where I wasn't meant to be: the other side of South Korea. It was a huge shock; I didn't even know a place like that existed, nevertheless in Korea. My grandmother's friend lives in a place like this. It's a little nicer, but the houses are divided into separate flats. Her flat is probably equal to the auditorium's lobby
  • "Diagnosed" with Speech Impediment by my 2nd Grade Teacher

    "Diagnosed" with Speech Impediment by my 2nd Grade Teacher
    "Never jump into conclusions," is the most important lesson I learned that year, "especially if its possibly hurtful or will probably have a huge impact on a little kid's confidence." That was the year I lost my two front teeth.
  • 1st "Service"

    1st "Service"
    I went to sing and hang out presents at an elderly home in Kowloon Tong. It was when I learned that such things as elderly homes existed. Honestly, I was confused in the beginning: why did I have to go to an elderly home? But after we sang, my teacher told me of how those elders may not have families or have other particular reasons for living in such a place. Made me more aware of the different family environments outside my unbroken family a little better.
  • What is HIV/AIDS?

    What is HIV/AIDS?
    First learned HIV/AIDS. Learned 3 things:
  • Foshan & Humanities in Action

    Foshan & Humanities in Action
    The Spark that made me realize my passion for service. I became more aware of global affairs, particularly genocide in Darfur. When I saw those sick children in Foshan, I wanted to help them more than simply being their companion. The trip gave me a little hint for a possible career path: medicine.
  • Cambodia Interim

    Cambodia Interim
    The first of many Cambodian trips. The first with Mr. Kersten :) What I learned is pretty clique: I realized how I was so much more fortunate. But, at the same time, I learned how a community could slowly rebuild itself with a little land and a little teaching.
  • Cambodia 2

    Cambodia 2
    This is when I fell in love with Cambodia. It's where I familiarized myself with what effective service was, meaning rather than simply playing with kids, I visited different NGOs to learn different and more sustainable ways to help a community. I became more aware of the different problems that existed in Cambodia.
  • New Zealand

    New Zealand
    A country doesn't have to necessarily be rich to live nicely and happily. New Zealand is not the richest but I probably met the happiest people I'll ever meet in my life. Their daily schedules aren't very hectic either.
  • Interim: Jordan

    Interim: Jordan
    I could probably write an essay about this experience. I was touched by the Palestinians' perseverance and patriotism. How hard they try to create a home in a country that's not their own is amazing, but at the same time some tradtional cultures were shocking (eg family reputation is more important that a person's life; if a girl is raped, she is killed if anyone outside the family finds out). UN doesn't really seem to be helping the refugees in the Jordan but I thank God the Jordanian govt help