My High School Experience

  • I started Highschool scared crapless with no friends

  • Period: to

    My Highschool experience

  • where im from

    I’m from a place where we walked to get where we are going.
    A place where if you have no shoes or shirt, you still receive service.
    I’m from a place where you can walk through the woods for hours,
    And also from a place where the sun shines every day.
    I’m from a place where alligators live right down the street,
    And from a place where peaches grow wild on trees. I’m from a place where the value of someone’s
    Character is worth more than the money in their pocket. I come from a family where there
  • made some homies and became familiar with Etowah

  • I started running track for Etowah

  • went to a halloween party with some people from school

  • Started playing in a band with Devin Bence.

  • just broke up with a girl i was dating for a year...thank goodness.

  • where im going

    I’m going to a place where no one can find me, unless you aren’t looking for me.
    A place where I’ll find happiness within, because that’s all that truly matters.
    I’m going where money doesn’t matter to me, but I suppose I ll have plenty of it.
    This place isn’t on a map, or on a GPS, but I know that I’ll be able to find it.
    A place where you don’t need V.I.P. or a reservation, but not everyone can get in. I’m going to a place I’ve never been before, because the unknown is the closest thing to re
  • I presented this timeline to my class!