My Girragundji -Miss Noble

Timeline created by Noble3N
  • The Hairyman

    There's a bad spirit that lives in the house- he plays tricks on us.
  • Drowning out the noises

    It's hard to sleep when the arguments start. Something about the night time that makes adults go crazy- maybe it's their way of scaring off the hairyman. I dream about Sharyn, maybe she will smile at me today!
  • The fight

    There's always trouble- you've got to watch yourself. My dad told me you can't let your fists fly in anger, it'll only hurt you more.
    But- that night i go to bed with a thumping head and a busted lip. Mozzies buzz abuse, adults are arguing- wondering what's the point.
  • Shhhhkkk Creak

    I know the sound of his feet. I can feel the heat on my face. I can feel something wet on my face, I don't want to die!!