My family legacy

Timeline created by Laumabu
  • Grandmothers birth

    My grandmother was born in Sagunto, a village located in Valencia.
  • Grandfather's birth

    My grandfather was born in Zaragoza, in his house.
  • Grandmother's first memory

    Grandmother's first memory
    One of her first memories is about her dressed up as a baturra to go to the village fests, she was four years old.
  • The big move

    At the age of 13, my grandmother moved to Zaragoza, to a small house in Valdefierro, in which she would spend 7 years of her life. She didn't know anyone from here, so she had problems talking to others because she didn't trust anyone.
  • Communion

    At the age of nine, my grandmother took communion at the church that was nearby her house.
  • Working as a kid

    My grandfather started working at the age of 13, he had to travel on the bus every single morning to go from his house to his work spot 20 kilometers away.
  • Carnival in my grandma's house

    Carnival in my grandma's house
    Every year, they celebrated a big party in which everyone was invited, there was a lot of food and drink. One time, my grandma took her father's work uniform and dressed up to pretend she was the railway man.
  • Grandma's first nephew

    At the age of 18, my grandma knew she was going to be an aunt. She was happy, but also really nervous.
  • Grandfather's military service

    He went to do the military service at the age of 21, he spent 18 months only visiting his family twice a week. 'It was hard, but it was what it was', adds my grandad.
  • Her son

    At the age of 26, my grandma received the notice she was going to have 2 babies. She was really happy. Unfortunately, one of the twins couldn't make it to the end of the pregnancy. She gave birth to who's actually my dad.
  • Father's birth

    On the 25th of June 1987 my dad was born in Zaragoza. He was 53 cm tall and 5,37 kg heavy.
  • Opening of the restaurant 'Las Murallas'

    Opening of the restaurant 'Las Murallas'
    My grandfather started working to help to his house economy again, he was perfectly in time to be part of the first restaurant he would work in for 6 years.
  • Opening of his own restaurant

    When he left his job in the 'Restaurante Las Murallas', he didn't know what to do, so he joined a friend of him and his wife and they opened the cafe and restaurant 'Bar Mieres' in the Félix Latassa st.
  • Her own wedding

    Her own wedding
    My grandma got married to my grandfather 7 years after divorcing the dad of my father. 'Her 2nd wedding was fantastic' says my dad, they ate, drank, danced...
  • Travelling to Asturias

    Travelling to Asturias
    When he was 34, he travelled with her wife (my grandmother) and his stepson (my father) to Asturias as a honeymoon. 'We spend a really joyful week' he says.
  • 2nd wedding of my father's dad

    At the age of 15, my dad attended the 2nd wedding of his father, he enjoyed it a lot whit his family.
  • My father's sister

    When my dad was 15, his dad had a daughter with his stepmom, my dad was really happy to have someone to talk to, to explain life or just help with homework.
  • First King's Football Cup assisted

    When he was 16, he asked his mom to go to his first King's Football Cup, after a lot of work, her mother told him he could go, but with the only condition to be in-home just when the match finished. My dad didn't pay attention to what his mother was saying, so he returned home really late and he was punished with no hanging out in 1 month.
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary

    My dad assisted at the golden wedding anniversary of his grandparents. 'It was an interesting day, we went to a restaurant and I tried out the caviar, I definitely don´t like it. Then we went to a bar and we spend almost all evening there. At night I went home, I was really sleepy.' told me, my dad.
  • My father's military service

    At the age of 21, like his father, he went to the military service, but this time, it was a shorter period of time.
  • Meeting my mother

    At the age of 21, my dad met my mom at a party. He carved my mother's shoes but he promised her that on their next date, he would buy her a new pair. That's the moment my father told her to spend the rest of their lives together.
  • Grandma's grandchildren

    At the age of 53, she was told she was going to be a grandmother. She cried a lot, she was nervous. How would that work, she didn't know much about being the grandmother of someone, but she did it great, 2 times.
  • His first child

    His first child
    At the age of 27, I was born, it was a wonderful day for my parents, 'I remember crying a lot because you were a little part of me' said my dad.
  • His first grandchild

    His first grandchild
    At the age of 49, I was born, it was a wonderful day for my parents, 'I remember I saw your dad crying a lot, I was really happy to have you in my arms' said my grandfather.
  • My sister

    My sister
    3 years after me, my mother surprised me with a new member of the family. I remember walking through the hospital to see for the first time my sister. When I arrived, I found my mom laying down in a bed with a baby. I slowly got closer to discover it was my sister. 'Do you prefer Silvia or Alexia?' asked my dad. 'Silvia is way more beautiful' I answer. Now my sister Silvia is 12 years old, but I still remember that day as it was yesterday.
  • My parent's wedding

    My parent's wedding
    At the age of 10, my parents got married. It was a really special day that I will never forget. Everyone was so beautifully dressed. I gave my parents the rings. Then we went to a restaurant to celebrate the day, we took pictures, we laughed, we danced... It was a memorable day.
  • Grandma's son wedding

    'It was a beautiful day', she said. She was wearing a light blue dress that combined with her blue shoes. 'I cried a lot thinking my son was taking his "happily ever after" '.
  • Retirement

    At the age of 62, my grandfather retired from working, now he spends time with his family and friends.