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  • Spanish flu pandemic

    This was the pandemic that was because of the Spanish flu. It did not start in Spain, but some newspapers there talked about it first. My great grandparents lived through it.
  • Women vote- 19th amendment

    This was the amendment when women finally got to vote. My great grandparents lived through it.
  • World War 2

    This was the second global war about the Nazis despising the Jews. My grandparents lived through it in Italy and helped the Jews.
  • Apollo man on moon

    This was the year that there was the first man on the moon. My grandparents lived through it and so did my dad and his family.
  • Huge Bangladeshi cyclone

    This was a huge cyclone in Bangladesh. My dad’s family lived through it.
  • The war of Independence

    This war was between Bangladesh and Pakistan because Bangladesh wanted to become there own country. My dad’s family was there.
  • Climate change testimony

    Global warming had begun. Most of my family on both sides had lived through this before me.
  • Separating Quebec vote

    The Canadians were voting whether to separate Quebec from the rest of Canada. It was a close vote the numbers 51 to 49.
  • Huge Canadian Ice storm

    This icestorm froze basically everything in Canada. My mom’s family had lived through this giant ice storm in Canada.
  • Year of 2000

    It was a new century! Most of my family lived through it except me and some of my cousins.
  • Corona Virus Pandemic

    This is the Covid-19 outbreak. Everyone in my family has lived through this.
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    My family timeline

    These are the events that my family has lived through.