My Digital Timeline Project

  • Trips to the Zoo

    As a child, my parents always took me and my brother to the zoo. I always enjoyed looking at all the cool animals and learning more about them. My favorite has always been the flamingos.
  • Halloween

    Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time and this year me and my brother were matching vampires. This is still my families favorite photo till this day
  • Happy

    When I was little, I always loved to play dress up in different costumes. I dressed up as everything from occupations to princesses.
  • Getting my first puppy!

    Me and my brother were so excited when my mom told us we were getting a dog. Her name was Maya and she grew to be 120 POUNDS! She passed a few years ago and I still miss her everyday.
  • Fearful/Strong

    When I was a kid, I ended up getting bitten in my face by my childhood dog. I ended up having to have a couple stitches in my cheek but I took it like a champ. I still have the scars till this day.
  • Determined

    I am determined when it comes to softball and I grind all year to be the best version of myself as I can.

    My first time at Disney world was so magically. I love Disney so much and I am begging my parents to take me one more time! It really is the happiest place on earth.
  • Graduating 8th grade

    I finally was on my path to high school with new and bigger opportunities. I am happy to say that I'm still best friend with people from middle school
  • Explorer

    I love nature and taking pictures of amazing views. Me and my friends always went on beach days throughout the entire summer.
  • Caring

    A couple months before one of my closest friends quince, her friend dropped out of her court. I stepped in and decided to dance in her court for her. It was so much fun and I'll never regret helping her out
  • Creative

    Me and my boyfriend went as the Matrix for Halloween and DIY our costume. I love creating my own things!
  • Athletic

    two summers ago, I was in Kentucky for softball and got to play so many games in a beautiful complex. I played really good teams and had so much fun.
  • Changing schools

    I originally started my high school years at a Catholic all girls school in the suburbs but decided to change schools my sophomore year. I didn't like my original school and it wasn't right for me. The dynamic is a lot different at Taft because I went from being at a school with 300 girls to 3,000 students.
  • One Year with my Boyfriend

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and I couldn't be happier. I love sharing so many memories with him.
  • Sadness

    My best friend moved 1,325 miles away from me to Texas. This event impacted me the most since she is my best friend and it's really hard to be separated from each other.
  • Team Trip to Ohio

    Over summer vacation, me and my teammates went to Ohio for nationals. I made great memories with them and we won 4 game and lost 2.
  • Funny/Silly

    I am always hanging out with my friends and taking funny pictures. One of my favorites moments is when we were all joking around at my friends surprise party I planned.
  • Homecoming

    I had a blast with my boyfriend and my friends at homecoming. I definitely danced the night away.
  • Loving

    My boyfriend and I both have a huge love for trying new foods. We enjoy going on dinner dates all the time and eating good food.
  • Friendsgiving

    I threw a friends-giving with 30 of my friends over thanksgiving break. There was so much food from many different cultural backgrounds.