Little me

My Development

  • First Rolled Over

    I first rolled over around 1 month.
  • First Sat Up

    I frist sat up around 3 months
  • Started to Stand

    I first started to stand around 6 months
  • Potty Trained

    I was first potty trained at 18 months.
  • First Eating On My Own

    I first started to eat finger foods by myself around 9 - 10 months.
  • First Real Words

    I spoke my first real words aroud 10 months they were "dadda" and "no".
  • First Hair Cut

    I recieved my first hair cut at about 10 months.
  • Started Walking

    I first started to walk around 12 months.
  • Started Swimming Lessons

    I began to learn to swim around age 3.
  • Started Pre-School

    I started preschool around age 4.
  • Learned To Tie My Shoes

    I learned to tie my shoes before starting preschool at around age 4.
  • Learned To Brush My Teeth

    I learned how to brush my teeth independently around 4 years of age.
  • Learned To Ride Bike

    I first learned to ride a bike around 5 years of age.
  • Lost First Tooth

    I lost my first tooth around the age of 6.