My Career Timeline

By rdugan1
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    I graduated with honors from Long Island University at Southampton College.
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    Rebecca Dugan's Career Timeline

  • Substitue Teacher

    I started subbing right after graduation (even though there was only a month left of school!) for ESM, WF, and Remsenburg Speonk School Districts.
  • Permanent Substitute

    Permanent Substitute
    Hired as a permanent substitue for Moriches Elementary School.
  • Probationary Teacher at Moriches Elementary

    Probationary Teacher at Moriches Elementary
    I was hired at Moriches Elementary to be a full time first grade teacher! Yay!
  • Longwood Cheerleading

    Longwood Cheerleading
    Hired as a cheerading coach for Longwood Junior High School.
  • Woodhull Elementary

    Woodhull Elementary
    Woodhull's WebsiteTransferred to Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School for my tenure year to continue as a primary teacher. Still happily working at Woodhull, where I have taught K, 1, and 2!
  • Master's Degree

    Master's Degree
  • Varisty Cheerleading Coach

    Varisty Cheerleading Coach
    Started coaching the William Floyd Varsity Cheerleading team...and still do today!
  • Tenured!

    I was granted tenure by the William Floyd School District.