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My Career Timeline

By JCurtin
  • Graduation from St. Joseph's College in Patchogue

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    Jessica's Career History

  • Hired as a reading teacher assistant at William Floyd Elementary School

  • Hired to teach half day of Kindergarten and half day of 5th grade at Tangier Smith Elementary School

  • Hired as William Floyd's Varsity Cheerleading Coach

  • Hired to teach half day of 5th grade am and pm

    I taught half of the day for Denise Robertson who was the literacy coordinator at the time and half day for Candy Carro who was in a mentor/leadership role at the time. I was responsible for Math, Science, and Social Studies in both classes.
  • Hired to teach in my own 5th grade classroom.

  • Tenure Ceremony

  • Graduation from Touro College with a Master's Degree in Special Education and Education