My career path

  • Birthday

    This was the day i was born
  • Day care

    It was the first day that i enrolled in daycare and i met the other babies
  • Inrolled in pre school

    It was the day that i was enrolled in school
  • Elementary school

    This was the day that i was enrolled into elementary school,i was forced to wear a uniform and met a bunch of new people that i had never met before i also learned what gym class was and what it meant to do homework.
  • The day i won the science fair

    It was on this day that i won the science fair at my school i was so happy because all my hard work paid of in the end
  • Elementary school graduation

    I graduated from elementary which marked a major milestone in my academic career it showed the transition from elementary to highschool life and how i was growing emotionaly as well as a human being.
  • My highschool life begins

    This was the day that I started highschool and began working hard to get good grades
  • 2013

    The day that i graduate from highschool and enter into my post secondary education and enter into university to continue my studies.
  • My university

    I enter university and begin my goal to trainging to become a lawyer by applying for courses to help my understadning of our law system
  • the day that i graduate from University

    After i graduate from university i go to law school to begin my journey to success