American revolution

My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    Sam Meeker comes home for a visit. Sam coming home gets the entire book started because in this chapter Sam reveals to his family that he left college (Yale) to join the Army.
  • Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    Tim Meeker (Sam's little brother) sees that Sam stole the Brown Bess (their fathers gun) from the tavern. This is important because Sam needs this gun to fight in the war but at the Sam time Mr. Meeker needs the gun to protect himself and his family when he goes out of town. This gun is a huge deal in this story because it gets father into trouble and it's basically used to keep Sam alive.
  • Chapter 3

    Chapter 3
    Betsy (Sam's girlfriend) tells Tim that Sam would be coming home for a visit,but Tim can't tell anyone because Sam could be disarmed if the Rebels found out that he wasn't where he was suppose to be.Sam finally comes home one day in October. Sam coming home once again gets everything else in the book prepared for what's going to happen.
  • Chapter 4

    Chapter 4
    One day when Tim runs to the tavern door because he hears screaming. He sees his mother and father being held up against the wall by soldiers on the Rebel side. They are trying to get the Brwon Bess from Mr.Meeker (the gun that Sam took). Tim runs to Tom Warrup's (Native American neighbor) house to get the gun from Sam. Tim gets the gun and runs away with Sam running after him. Sam is too much of a coward to check on his mom and dad because he's afraid of his punishment.
  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5
    Mr. Heron (a wealthy man who was a surveyor and Mr. Meeker's friend) asked Mr. Meeker if Tim could deliver a "buisness letter" for him. Mr. Meeker says no bevause he doesn't want his other son getting caught up in the war and he's not too sure if what Mr. Heron is telling him is the truth. This letter could say anything...
  • Chapter 6

    Chapter 6
    Two weeks later Tim figure out how he can send the letter for Mr. Heron,he lied to his father and said that he was going to go shad fishing. As he's on his way tomdeliver the letter Betsy see's him and tries to take the letter from him because it could be about Sam and he could be killed. After Betsy runs away Sam picks up the letter and see's that it's actually about him. This could affect himself and his family in the near future.
  • Chapter 7

    Chapter 7
    Mr. Meeker takes Tim on his anual trip to Verplanks Point to sell their cattle and use the money for their tavern and their home. As they were on their way to New York to stop by the Platt's (their cousin's) household they ran into cattle theives. Cattle theives may just cause some trouble further on in the book...
  • Chapter 8

    Chapter 8
    Father and Tim realize that they might have to take a chance on going through Ridgebury (the place where the cattle theives came upon them) if the snow doesn't settle down. This event is important because if they go back through Ridgebury there could be a serious problem. With Father, with Tim, or even with Mother...
  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 9
    Tim realizes that when he and his father head into Ridgebury and his father rides up ahead to check,he hadn't seen his father for a couple of hours. This part of the story is important because Father being gone could really effect Tim and his mother mentally and physically. This could also affect the tavern and the towns people physically.
  • Chapter 10

    Chapter 10
    The British soldiers come to Redding for a little "visit". This is important because the British soldiers "visit" to Redding could get someone seriously hurt since they were all Torries. Someone did get hurt. Ned, (one of Samuel Smith's Negro slave) along with other blacks, was stabbed in the stomach, and even worse his head was cut off, all because he was black.
  • Chapter 11

    Chapter 11
    Tim talks to Sam and finds out that Sam knows that Father has been taken captive, he figures that the British put him in a prison. He says that he didn't come back home because he was afraid that Mother ans Tim were mad at him. This is important because if Sam comes and stays home to help things will get right back on track.
  • Chapter 13

    Chapter 13
    Tim goes to Colonel Parsons trying to convince him to release Sam because he knows that his brother didn't try to stael the cattle. Why would he want to steal his own families cattle! This is important because if Sam is released then he won't be killed and he'll be there for his family.
  • Chapter 12

    Chapter 12
    Sam walks into the tavern and tells his mother and brother that he's been arrested for cattle thief of his own cattle. He didn't do it he was chasing the one's that did it. This is important because Sam could be killed for this. If Sam is killed that means he'll never come home to help around the tavern, to help around the house, and to be there for his mother and brother.
  • Chapter 14

    Chapter 14
    Samuel Meeker died on this day, and he didn't show fear when her died because he knew he had done his duty and is satisfied. This is important because Sam is now in peace and Mother and Tim can finally realize that two important people in their lives are gone and can go on living their lives, but a way better for them.