Mussolini Timeline

  • Mussolini Born

    Mussolini Born
    Benito Mussolini was born in Forli, Italy, In 1883.
  • Fascist Movement

    Fascist Movement
    Benito Mussolini forms the Fascist Movement in Milan, Italy.
  • ll Duce

    ll Duce
    Benito Mussolini (ll Duce) becomes primier of Italy.
  • Rome

    Benito Mussolini marches on Rome.
  • Mussolini Forms a Cabinet

    Mussolini Forms a Cabinet
    Benito Mussolini forms a Cabinet in Italy, with Fascist AIDS.
  • Fascist Voluntary Forms

    Fascist Voluntary Forms
    The Fascist Voluntay Militia forms in Italy under Mussolini.
  • Work Unions are disallowed

    Work Unions are disallowed
    Mussolini disallowes all non-fascist work unions.
  • Mussolini Exchanges Diplomats

    Mussolini Exchanges Diplomats
    The Mussolini Government exchanges diplomats with the USSR.
  • Giacomo Matteotti Disappears

    Giacomo Matteotti Disappears
    Socialist Giacomo Matteotti disapears from Rome and the Italian parliment after speaking against Benito Mussolini.
  • Mussolini Ends Womens Rights

    Mussolini Ends Womens Rights
    Mussolini ends womens rights in Italy.
  • Mussolini Joinds Hitler

    Mussolini Joinds Hitler
    Mussolini joins Hitler in Germany's war and Italy declares war against France and Britain.
  • Mussolini Resigns

    Mussolini Resigns
    Mussolini resigns and is arrested.
  • Mussolini Captured

    Mussolini Captured
    Mussolini is captured and hanged by Italian partisens.