Mussolini's Rise to Power

By Ghamann
  • Pre-WW1(G)

    -Mussolini is editor of Avanti
    -Mussolini is against the war and a member of the Socialists
    -Mussolini changes view to support war
    -Italy enters war, in anticipation of land and victory
  • Post-WW1(G)

    -Mussolini's newspaper is spreading his views
    -Country is angry over mutilated victory
    -threat of cummunism is looming
    -driving people to extreme political views
  • Fasci di Combattimento(C)

    Fasci di Combattimento(C)
    The Black shirts—local militia made of demobilized soldiers and middle class youngpeople “Guerrilla War”
    • Ideology:
    1.Totalitarian system of government
    2.A heroic leader
    3.Extreme nationalism
    5.Anit-communist and anit-socialist
  • Failed Election(M)

    Failed Election(M)
    -Facist recieved less than 2% of votes
    -socialist planned a mock ‘funeral’ to bury Faicts's ‘political corpse’
    -many fascist members left the group, members decreased to 4000
    -12 months later, the government failed to neutralisethe socialists -Mussolini announced the would stop the socilists, support workers and the Pope
  • Successful Election(C)

    Successful Election(C)
    • Fascist win 35/352 seats in the election (March, 1921)
    • Giolitti(P.M.) formed an alliance with the PNF in May 1921“ National Block” for:
    1.stop PNF becoming a great threat and against the Socialists
    -gave Mussolini greater power-Giolitti resigned in June
    The Pact of Pacification—Signed buy the Socialist and the Fascists:
    —Required both side to stop violence
    —Violence restarted in November 1921
  • March on Rome(C)

    March on Rome(C)
    • Mussolini met with Fascists to plan a ‘March on Rome’.
    • Seize the northern and central cities not under PNF control from midnight on 27 October
    • The government persuaded King Victor Emmanuel II to introduce martial law to act against the Fascist threat.
    • King refused to sign the martial law declaration.
    Mussolini is declraed P.M.
  • Acerbo Laws(M)

    Acerbo Laws(M)
    -Acerbo law said the party that got most of the votes would be given two thirds of the seats in the parliament
    -Mussolini announced ‘ a good beating does no harm’, the socialist were beaten, tortured and terrorized.
    -Fasctis igged most as they confiscated voting cards, used dead people's names to get more votes
    -They won with 65% of votes
  • Matteotti Murder(M)

    Matteotti Murder(M)
    -Mussolini faced another crisis that threatened his government.
    -Giacomo Matteotti, the leading socialist publicly declared his disagreements on the Fascist violence.
    -Fascist gang kidnap and made him silent forever.
    -liberals and conservatives suddenly claimed critical views on Fascists
    -socialist deputies withdrew from the Parliament, an act of protest to the murdering, thus causing many liberal deputies withdrew their support.
    -Mussolini made a speech about taking personal responsibilities
  • Dictatorship(G)

    -Bans trade unions and ocialists
    -Bans other political parties
    -Press cenorship