Mussolini's main actions between 1924-'39

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  • The elections of April 1924

    The elections of April 1924
    This was a bloody election. Almost 100 people were killed and the ballot boxes were stolen. The PNF with the liberals got 65% a.k.a. 374 out 535 seats
  • The Matteotti crisis

    The Matteotti crisis
    Matteotti was kidnapped in Rome and he was murdered by hitman America Dumini(his body was found in an alley). This action weekend the PNF and the parliament was really upset about the cheating and violence of the fascists. The opposition deputies walked out of the chamber in protest...
  • 1924-Establishment of a state radio

    1924-Establishment of a state radio
    In Italy over 1 million people had radios so it was a great way to influence them. Yet these radios were also set up in public spaces, cafes etc. for bigger influence. The Union Radifonica Italiana was founded in Turin and became the first state radio station of Italy.
  • Dopolavoro/ workers and employers

    Dopolavoro/ workers and employers
    In 1925 the Dopolavoro was founded, the national after work club in Italy. Its duty was to speed up the spreading of fascism in Italy. Also non-fascist trade unions were banned and only fascist organisations were allowed to represent employers and employees.
  • Change in corporations and ban of strikes

    Change in corporations and ban of strikes
    In 1926 strikes were officially banned by the PNF and the police and squads supported the anti-strikes rules. Later in that year Mussolini became the head of Ministry of corporations. Each corporation was made up by representatives of one economic sector, the elite.
  • Establishment of corporate state

    Establishment of corporate state
    In 1927 Mussolini declared the establishment of a corporate state out of Italy. It weakens the fascist Syndicates and helped to secure candidates for elections in 1929.
  • The Lateran Treaty

    The Lateran Treaty
    In the year of 1929 the pope (Pius XI) officially recognised the fascist state. Catholicism was made a state religion and the Vatican became independent. From this point the Roman Catholic Church was tied to the state. Yet Mussolini was never able to fully control the Church and the Church did not always support him.
  • Industrial reconstruction

    Industrial reconstruction
    In 1933 Italy did not have the best industrial system so Mussolini decided to make the state the head of industrial reconstruction. The state was in control of almost every company and crucial industries. It was not a nationalisation just a "boost" from the government for a better economy.
  • Rome-Berlin Axis

    Rome-Berlin Axis
    In 1936 Italy and Germany formed the Rome-Berlin Treaty. This coalition linked the two countries not only politically but also ideologically. Anti-Semitism became a political feature. Later several laws against Jews were formed and they got excluded from many areas of the civil life.
  • Battle of Guadalajara

    Battle of Guadalajara
    The battle of Guadalajara lasted for 15 days. The Battle of Guadalajara was an important strategic victory of the Republican Army. Carlo and Sabatino Roselli in France was assassinated and Mussolini authorised those murders.
  • Laws against Race

    Laws against Race
    The Jews did not belong to the Italian race anymore. Many racist laws were passed, excluded the Jewish teachers and students from state schools. Jewish people were banned to marry "non-Jewish" people.
  • Abolishment of the chamber of deputies

    Abolishment of the chamber of deputies
    Mussolini abolished the chamber of deputies and put in its place the chamber of Fasci and corporations. He hoped to establish a new form of politics in which people are given a voice accordion to their economic occupation. Fasci leaders appointed from above.
  • Losing support

    Losing support
    In the year of 1939 Mussolini's PNF only had the vote of 6 percent of the people because of his violence and laws.
  • Attack on Albania

    Attack on Albania
    The Italians started an invasion on Albania. Mussolini was successful with this invasion and the Italian Kingdom conquered Albania as the whole world was watching the actions of Adolf Hitler...