By Emz12
  • Period: to

    Mussolini's reign of Power

  • ussolini is born

  • Joined socialist party

  • Spent 2 years in the army

  • WWI - Mussolini left Socialist party

    Mussolini left socialist party because they did not agree with Italy being in th e war, and Mussolini disagreed
  • Rejoined the army

  • Created The Italian combat squad

    -1919 Italaian combat squad
  • The Italian combat squad bacame the national fasist party known as the Blackshirts

  • October Revolutuion - March on Rome! Fascist got power!

  • Mussolini became 41st Prie minister!

    1922 oct 21 40th prime minister
  • Becam dictator - called himelf Il duce!

    -1925 dictator (il duce)
  • Lateran Pact! Italy recognise the Vatican!

    -1929 - lateran pact roman catholic church vatican
  • Italy seized Etheopia!

    1935 Etheopian war (seized by Italy)
  • Sent aid to France in Spanish civil war to get closer with Hitler!

    1936 aid in spanish civil war franco
  • Signed anti-sematic manifesto of Race - to win over hitler!

    1938 anti - semitic maifesto of race
  • Signed the pact of steel!

    1939 pact of steel
  • Entered war - thinking it was almost over!

    1940 june - entrered war
  • Lost all support!

    1942 - lost support
  • Sicily

    1943 sicily
  • Germany invaded Italy!

    1943 Sept. germay invaded italy
  • Became Hitlers puppet in the Italian socialist republic!

  • Killed by firing squad and hung upside down in disgrace!