Music Video

By amypod
  • Filming with car

    Filming with car
    We've decided that 6th January is going to be our main filming day, because there are no days before that that all three of us are free and we want to do the filming as early as possible. We will only use the car once to save the owner having to make the journey twice, so we will film the band in the car and the other shots of the car all on this day, at our chose location.
  • Lily's room

    Lily's room
    We're going to film Lily in her room 7th January after we've all finished college. It's in a different location to the main filming, but that's okay - because we will edit it in a way that you can't tell!
  • Back up plan

    Back up plan
    Filming most of the music video on the 6th January means that we have plenty of time to go back and film again if we aren't happy with the footage or if the weather is not good enough then we have enough time to film again before we edit. At least two of us will be able to film any day of the week from the 7th-13th January.
  • Editing

    I think the deadline for filming should be 3rd January, so we have two full weeks to edit the video. We will edit the video all together, so that everyone can input their ideas, and make sure they are happy with making the final video.
  • Filming performance

    Filming performance
    We will do the rest of the filming on Monday 14th January. This way we have a good week to look at the filming from the previous Sunday (6th) and see if the footage works well when edited etc. We can do the majority of the performance filming this day as we won't need Leanne's neighbour's car.