Multi-Genre 3

  • The day I was born

    The day I was born it was a muslim holiday, Eid. It was about 4pm and my parents were getting ready to go to the mousque which is down the street from our house. When they were ready I was ready.
  • 9/11

  • Track and Field Champions

    On a nice day in may all the elementries gathered to hold the annual Track and Field day. Our class was coming in confident and ready to win. I ran the 4x100 and was the 2nd runner.
  • Florida Fun

    Last year I went to florida by myself and I haven't flown there by myself before so it was a new thing but a few days after I got there my cousins and I went egging. We went through about 4 neighborhoods and we started on our 5th one. Once we got to a house with no light on I threw an egg at red Ford F150. After we passed that house there was a dead end, we had to turn around once we got back to the house we egged the people came out and blocke the road with their car and asked if we did it.