Motorcycle History

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  • First Motorcycle

    First Motorcycle
    Howard Roper invented the first Motorcycle with a stem engine powered my coal and 2 cylinders.Was the beginning of what we have now and created something amazing and make a trill to ride.
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  • First 4-Stroke

    First 4-Stroke
    Nicolace otto invented ther first four-stroke combustion engine.Ths engine helped go faster than just one lower set speed and was more reliable.
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  • Boxer engine

    Boxer engine
    BMW created a small compact "Boxer" engine enclosed with transmition.The boxer engine is what is used today still and it is a nice small engine that can fit a motorcycle and still go as fast as a car.
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  • First Yamaha Motorcycle

    First Yamaha Motorcycle
    Launching their first motorcycle in 1955. They advanced the larger CC's for engins.They are still a big influence in motorsports today.They are a big company today when it comes to racing then and today.
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  • Gear shifter

    Gear shifter
    Charles W. lindquist patented adjustable motorcycle gear shifter. It would slide side to side for safe shifting. This was a invention that helped for motorcycles to go faster and smothly shift up and down.
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  • Yamaha r6

    Yamaha r6
    This is one of the newest motorcycles. It is personaly my faviorite and it has all the latest inovations. Better balance control and yamahas are motorcycles that are easy to work on and are capable for many modifications and upgrades. Personal knoledge