modern china

  • china soldier

    china soldier
    The soldiers has forced the emperor. Also, revolutionaries have took advantage to the new govermnemt in South China. The Sun has returned to China.
  • Chinese communist party

    Chinese communist party
    A group of Chinese Followers has set the Communist party. They, adventually hadn alot of support. Then, paid the workers badly. The time Communists and left lerning chinese worked with the Nationalist but as factors develop and struggled for control, the Nationalist Party split.
  • Chiang Kai shek and the communist

    Chiang Kai shek and the communist
    Chiang took the leader of the Guomindang. Also, it helped by the communist by Chiang's bring the warlords to heel. the Chinese communist, organised strikes and risings by workers in towns controlled by the warlords. Chiang Kia Shek is the Emerged as the leader. by claiming authority as the chosen disciple of Son Yatson.
  • South China soldiers

    South China soldiers
    Most of the South China was under Control. Chiang ordered his soldiers to kill all the Communist. the Communist escaped to the country side. Some of the Chinese Communist thought it's true for their country will have a massacred from many of their towns.
  • Red army

    Red army
    Mao and some of the other communist like Zhu De who ha s organized the red army. They, have trained to fight and to hit hard and to move fast. the end Mao also organised the communist government or the Soviet, in Jiangxi
  • Guomidang Army

    Guomidang Army
    The Guomidang army surrounded the Jiangxi and surreounded over half a million well armed soldiers. Also, supported 400 war planes. The Red army as 100,000 men with rifles and home made spears and bombes. 900,000 men from the Red Army smashed their way through Chiang's Army. Then, the Long March has lasted over a year. The Red Guards as young people organized into groups and were the vanguardof the movement. The offical levels, the movement was spearheaded by group of individuals.
  • Kidnapping of Chiang

    Kidnapping of Chiang
    Chiang refused to fight the Japanese and they ended up being unpopular. Young Marchal kidnapped Chiang while vistiting the amy based in the Northern city called Xian. Young Maeshal has let Chiang go and then aggreed the diffrences with the communists and start fighting the Japanese.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese has attacted the Americans naval based to Perl Harbor. then, was attact made fighting China as World War 2. Red Army was supporters fighting the resistance war. After, the Japanese could of ruled and had a large forces there.
  • A bomb

    A bomb
    The U.S.A dropped an atomic bombs on Japan. Chiang and Mao begain to talk to the governing China between them. During the end of the World War 2 the government President Truman was very, very worried by the Communistto spread the Power in Europe. Lastly, the Americans were helpful and helped Chiang for the money, weapons,and all kinds of supplies.
  • Civil War in China

    Civil War in China
    Chiang knew that he was beaten.Chiang flew across sea to Tiawan and called Formosa. Mao, and the communists were bothmasters of China. Then, Mao was forcetold that the countryside had conquered the city. Mao stood for the other communist leaders who went to the top p the Gate Of Heavenly Peace.
  • Changes for the Peasants

    Changes for the Peasants
    Mao the new government by followed within the Land Reformed Law. Then, all the landforme=s were on trials. Also, then China has become the land of Peasants farming their own feilds.
  • Great Leap Foward

    Great Leap Foward
    Communists Leaders were satisfied with the rate of the progress. Then, for Mao the pace was too slow for him and he didnt like it. The Great Leap will drive faster for the industrials for massve changes in the city. Next, for the average population is 30,000 people. So, in 1958 Mao Zedong launched another programto advance China's industry and agricultural system. Lastly,the Communist were groups for allkinds of villages in one district.
  • Red Guard

    Red Guard
    Millions of teenage for the Red Guards were roaming in China. The kids were disrespectful disrespactful because they would have pictures of Mao. Also, the Red Guards would brutally attact anyone who wasnt living according to Mao's teaching. Anothr bruital thing is the Red Guards would even beat up teachers, experts in industry, government officals and anyone who's NOTa full - blood revolutionary. Lastly, the army would support Mao in the Communist party.
  • Liu Shaoqi

    Liu Shaoqi
    Liu has died in 1967. And Liu was beaten and had lack of medical care during his 2 years in a secret prison. A whole lot of people hate Liu.
  • Mao Zedong

    Mao Zedong
    MaoThen, the " Gang of Four" has rought back the red Guard terror. After the communist Leaders United them and after they were arrested in 1976. Mao he ended the road in doing things un China. After of World War 2 in August 1945, Cilil War resumed Forces of the GMD and CCP struggled for control of the Nation. Chinese Communist was led by Mao Zedong who won victory on the mainland.