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Minecraft Server

By tge719
  • 21

    Woree-Tiban Expedition (day 6036 - 6040)

    villagers from Woree are transported to Tiban
  • tge719 dies for the first time in a long time (day 5667)

  • First day

    First day
    Luko starts the server, becomes the first player
  • Period: to

    The Beginning

    • From Day 0 to unknown, The server starts and all players agree on a grace period, which ended at 6 pm on the 14th of June, 2019.
  • More join

    More players join, including tge719, Loerad, Chung, Veggo etc.
  • Petricha Clan Founded

    Petricha Clan Founded
    the Petricha Clan is formed by tge719, at the newly found town of Woree.
  • Extreme Explorers Founded

    Extreme Explorers Founded
    Luko begins the Extreme Explorers
  • Knights of the Blood Oath Founded

    Knights of the Blood Oath Founded
    Knights of the Blood Oath founded by Veggo
  • Underheim Founded

    Underheim Founded
    Teczellion founds the Underheim Clan, as well as Underheim City
  • Druids of the Dark Oak Founded

    Druids of the Dark Oak Founded
    Chert becomes the first druid of the dark oak. he helps Teczellion dig out Underheim
  • Seekers Founded

    Seekers Founded
    Seekers Founded by Chung
  • Traders of 140 Founded

    Traders of 140 Founded
    Traders of 140 founded by Blu445
  • Luko finishes Castle Base

  • Great Wall of Woree finishes construction

    Great Wall of Woree finishes construction
    The first Wall of Woree, made of oak wood planks is built by tge719, with some help from raaidtaha7
  • Knights of the Blood Oath Raided

    An unkown user raids Veggo.
  • Period: to

    Age of Chaos

    From day Unknown to roughly day 500, this period follows the clans as they struggle to live amongst each other. This period begins at the end of the grace period, and ends with the Great Wizard War
  • Freshman's Inn built

    Neevan builds the freshman inn at spawn
  • Jasmex founds The Aquatic Legion at Woree, spams with beds

    Jasmex starts his new clan known as The Aquatic Legion, which is under the Petricha Clan. He places beds everywhere, angering tge719
  • Loerad griefs Blu445

    Loerad griefs the base of the Traders of 140 by spamming cobblestone, angers Blu445
  • Knights of the Blood Oath gain new leader

    Veggo steps down as Blood Oath Leader, gives the role to Neevan
  • Bed Controversy at Woree

    Bed Controversy at Woree
    Jasmex places a lot of beds, making tge719 angry. Thus begins tensions between Jasmex and the Petricha Clan
  • Matthew39099 raids Woree

  • Underheim City Griefed

    Underheim City Griefed
    Chert is attacked by Neevan, Underheim City gets griefed. This leads to Neevan getting banned and the Druids of the Dark Oak and Underheim clan disbanding. Nickkiller42 becomes the new leader.
  • Extreme Explorers Visit the End

    Extreme Explorers, Luko and Shadowball find the end portal and are the first to reach the end. They defeat the dragon, find end cities and obtain elytra.
  • Great Fire of Underheim

    Great Fire of Underheim
    tge719 discovers the forest around Underheim are on fire, possibly caused by Chert or Battery man setting it on fire during Underheim's griefing. tge719 relights Underheim and gets Teczellion's permission to build the new Underheim
  • Battle of Woree

    Battle of Woree
    tge719, tired of Jasmex's ways, raids his obsidian base. Later in the Day, tge719 rides on his unnamed horse and attacks Jasmex at Woree. Jasmex surrenders and the horse dies in battle. tge719 obtains Jasmex's diamond armor
  • Neevan's return

    Neevan returns to the server after being banned.
  • Zombie Siege of Woree

    Zombie Siege of Woree
  • Time Wizards Formed

    Time Wizards Formed
    The Time Wizards are formed by Chert and Teczellion.
  • Raaidtaha7's Exile

    Raaidtaha7's Exile
    After joking he could kill tge719, Raaidtaha is exiled from Woree. He travels away and founds Rise Island
  • Wizard Castle Attack

    Wizard Castle Attack
    tge719 pardons raaidtaha7 from exile. they form a counter attack by destroying the Time Wizard’s Castle. During this attack, tge719's skeleton horse is killed by lava. tge719's blue dog is killed during an evacuation of Woree
  • Wall of Woree burned down in War

    Wall of Woree burned down in War
    As a declaration of war, Chert and Teczellion from the Time Wizards burn down Woree's Wall
  • Period: to

    The Wizard War

    Chert and Teczellion, the Time Wizards, declare war on the Petricha Clan.
  • Samantha Hanged

    Samantha Hanged
    tge719 hangs the Time Wizars dog, Samantha and ends the war.
  • End of War

    tge719 hangs the wizard's dog, Samantha and traps Bathomet in enternal prison, ending the Wizard War
  • Period: to

    Age of Peace

    From roughly day 500 to roughly day 3100, most clans and players leave. Those who remain agree to a peace treaty.
  • Great Wall of Woree Reconstructed

    Great Wall of Woree Reconstructed
    The Great Wall of Woree is reconstructed by tge719 using cobblestone.
  • Jasmex Leaves

    Jasmex leaves the server and gives all of his belongings to the Petricha Clan.
  • World Map Expansion

    World Map Expansion
    tge719 expands his world map to be a 5x5
  • Snakestrip Island Founded by the Petricha Clan

    Snakestrip Island Founded by the Petricha Clan
  • Woree XP Farm Built

    Woree XP Farm Built
    tge719 builds his first xp farm.
  • Peace and Spawn Renovations

    Luko calls upon all of the clans to unite in peace. He starts the Spawn Rebuild Project
  • Church of the Worship Tree

    Church of the Worship Tree
    Church of the Worship Tree is built in Woree by tge719, made to honour the Worship Tree lost in the war
  • Startwater founded

    Startwater founded
    Startwater, the town closest to spawn is founded by tge719 and Luko.
  • Peace Treaty Created

    The Peace Treaty is officialised. Memebers include the Petricha Clan, Aquatic Legion and Extreme Explorers
  • Siege of Woree

    Siege of Woree
    At roughly day 720, tge719, Modarm and PlantVS defend Woree from a pillager raid
  • PlantVS and Crimstone Cliffs

    PlantVS and Modarm start concurrently playing. They base at the mountains near Woree, founding the Crimston Cliffs on roughly day 720
  • Siege of Woree Memorial Built

    Siege of Woree Memorial Built
    Siege of Woree Memorial built near Woree at roughly day 720 by tge719
  • Modarm discovers hidden villager

    Modarm discovers hidden villager
    Modarm discovers the villager hidden during the wizard war. It was this villager that caused the siege.
  • Cares the Iron Farm

    Cares the Iron Farm
    PlantVS unveils his iron farm known as Cares
  • PlantVS' Exploration

    PlantVS explores the server and finds a desert well, the terracotta biome and tge719's spruce island, which will later become Ronania
  • Crimstone Clan Formed

    Modarm and PlantVS create the Crimstone flag, therefore forming the Crimstone Clan
  • Crimstone Colonies Announced

    Modarm anounces the creation of the Crimstone Cliffs. as he starts building at Underheim.
  • PlantVS discovers Coral Reefs

    PlantVS discovers Coral Reefs
  • Monumental Island Expedition

    Monumental Island Expedition
    tge719, raaidtaha7, PlantVS and Modarm travel the server to find an ocean monument. They fimd one, and discover an island nearby. Mordarm gives the name "Monumental Island"
  • Monumantal Island Watchtower Built

    Monumantal Island Watchtower Built
    The watchtower at Monumental Island is built by tge719.
  • Monument Draining Begins

    Monument Draining Begins
    PlantVS begins placing sand in order to drain the ocean monument
  • K day

    K day
    The first 1000 days of the server are celebrated at Startwater by tge719, Luko, shadowball, raaidtaha7, PlantVS, Modarm and Jasmex (almost).
  • Jasmex Returns

    Jasmex returns to the server, this time as an official member of the Petricha Clan.
  • Ronania Founded

    Ronania officially rediscovered and founded by Battery Man and tge719.
  • Cares Genocide

    Cares Genocide
    on day 1076, the villagers from Cares are all killed by PlantVS
  • PlantVS finishes his Pigman Farm

    PlantVS finishes his Pigman Farm
  • Crimstone Lighthouse Finishes Construction

    Crimstone Lighthouse Finishes Construction
    The Crimstone Lighthouse created by Modarm is finished on roughly day 1207
  • Pig Farm Staircase

    Pig Farm Staircase
    PlantVS creates/reveals his beautiful gold and emerald staircase leading to his pigman farm.
  • Period: to

    PlantVS' End Expedition

    PlantVS travels through the end to find elytra. He is acompannied by raaidtaha7, tge719 and Modarm
  • Invention of Flying Machine

    Invention of Flying Machine
    PlantVS creates the first flying machine for his expedition on roughly day 1230
  • Startwater Villager

    Startwater Villager
    Villager reaches Startwater
  • raaidtaha7 and elytra

    raaidtaha7 and elytra
    raaidtaha7 becomes the second person to find elytra
  • Redstone Revoulution in Century City

    during the 1500's redstone becomes a part of Century City. These machines were developed by raaidtaha7 and PlantVS
  • Ocean Monument Drained

    Ocean Monument Drained
    The ocean monument is fully drained by PlantVS and tge719 (also Flamingo Fighter)
  • Flamingo Fighter Controversies

    Flamingo Fighter Controversies
    Controversy occurs in Century City, as Flamingo Fighter gets blown up by tnt, raaidtaha7 is the primary suspect.
  • Startwater OwO Destroyed

    on day 1615, the Owo face at Startwater is taken down by tge719. This face was built by PlantVS
  • PlantVS' Sugarcane Farm

    PlantVS' Sugarcane Farm
    PlantVS creates his massive sugar cane farm near Ronania.
  • Crimstone Creeper Farm Burns Down

    Crimstone Creeper Farm Burns Down
    From around day 1700 to 1710, PlantVS burns his wooden creeper farm in order to create a glass creeper farm.
  • raaidtaha7 finds trident

    raaidtaha7 finds trident
    raaidtaha7 is the second person to find a trident
  • PlantVS finds Skeleton Horses

    PlantVS finds Skeleton Horses
  • PlantVS Finds Trident

    PlantVS Finds Trident
    PlantVS is the third person to find a trident
  • PlantVS helps raaidtaha7 build farms at Century

  • PlantVS starts his Ice Farm

    PlantVS starts his Ice Farm
  • 2K Day

    2K Day
    2K day is celebrated in Startwater by tge719, PlantVS, Modarm, Luko and raaidtaha7
  • Wizard War Memorial Built

    Wizard War Memorial Built
    tge719 finally builds a memorial to honour the blue collared dog and skeleton horse that died during the wizard war.
  • Revival Begins

    Revival Begins
    tge719 stats rebuilding the abandoned village near Ronania. It is not yet name Revival.
  • Mike Mender is Cured

    Mike Mender is Cured
    raaidtaha7 and tge719 help cure a zombie villager on 2057. This villager is named Mike Mender and sells Mending books.
  • tge719 forges his enchanted armour

    tge719 forges his enchanted armour
    During the 2120's
  • Woree llamas come out of Hiding day 2107

    Woree llamas come out of Hiding day 2107
    these llamas and one villager have been in hiding since the Wizard War. On this day, they finally resurface
  • Second Villager Expedition

    Second Villager Expedition
    tge719 and a Woree citizen, hidden during the war travel to Revival from 2104 to 2109
  • raaidtaha7 discovers Century Factury

    raaidtaha7 discovers Century Factury
  • PlantVS finds his slime chunk

    PlantVS finds his slime chunk
  • Revival Archive First Entry

    Revival Archive First Entry
    tge719 writes in the archives recording the construction of Revival, for the first time (day 2238)
  • PlantVS' Kelp Farm

    PlantVS creates his massive kelp farm, located near Ronania
  • Shield of Petricha MK2 is lost in the end

    Shield of Petricha MK2 is lost in the end
    during end exploration, tge719 loses his shield to the void.
  • Century City Repopulation

    Century City Repopulation
    raaidtaha7 repopulates Century City on day 2311.
  • PlantVS’ Chunk Buster prepares to destroy land near PlantVS' Ice Farm

    PlantVS creates flying machines with duplicated tnt. These machines were used to destroy the mountain near PlantVS' Ice farm
  • Zombie Siege at Century City

    raaidtaha7 protects Century City from a zombie siege on day 2360.
  • PlantVS' Ice Farm Decomissioned

    on day 2402, PlantVS destroys his old ice farm
  • First Revival Child Born (day 2390)

    First Revival Child Born (day 2390)
  • First Villager Reaches Ronania

    the first villager reaches Ronania on day 2414
  • Revival Library Built on day 2425

    Revival Library Built on day 2425
  • Rise of Century Protectors

    Rise of Century Protectors
    on day 2429, Century City's defenders rise
  • Century Destruction

    Century Destruction
    on day 2477, the villagers of Century City are turned into zombies
  • Century Destruction Recovery

    Century Destruction Recovery
    Century City repopulates after the spread of the zombie infection. raaidtaha7 helps out.
  • Century Wall starts Construction

    Century Wall starts Construction
    raaidtaha7 starts to construct Century City's cobblestone wall.
  • Century Iron Farm Built

    raaidtaha7 and PlantVS finish building the Iron Farm at Century City.
  • Revival Zombie Siege (day 2650)

    Revival Zombie Siege (day 2650)
  • Century-Revival Road Paved

    A road between Century City and Revival is built by tge719. pathing finished on day 2750.
  • PlantVS Creates a New Mob Farm

  • tge719 tames a pillager (day 2777)

    tge719 tames a pillager (day 2777)
  • PlantVS' New Base

    PlantVS creates a new sky base near Monumental Island.
  • Nether Rework Discovered

    the nether is reworked by PlantVS. This is the day tge719 discovered the rework, as the exact date of construction is unknown...
  • 3K Day

    3K Day
    3K day is celebrated by tge719, raaidtaha7 and PlantVS. This is the first K day where players do not all celebrate in Startwater
  • Period: to

    Age of SIlence

    Day 3100 - present day. Fewer remaining players, as server is no longer considered a war server.
  • Century Raid

    Pillagers raid Century City in the 3100's
  • raaidtaha7 burns down Pillager Tower

    raaidtaha7 burns down Pillager Tower
  • Period: to

    Century Raid Farm

    raaidtaha7 creates his raid farm during these days.
  • New Crimstone Members

    Swades and Deci both join Crimstone.
  • New Crimstone Banner

    A new banner is created for Crimstone. Sadly this banner has been lost
  • Castle near Startwater begins construction

    during the 5400's tge719 begins his diorite castle
  • New Century Creeper Farm finished (5.4k's)

    tge719's gunpowder farm is complete, in the new city known as New Century
  • Ronania Iron Farm Complete

  • raaidtaha7's Mansion Exploration

    raaidtaha7's Mansion Exploration
    raaidtaha7 goes exploring to find a Woodland Mansion, discovers Ice Biomes and Polar Bears.
  • Modarm and the Ravager

    Modarm and the Ravager
    Modarm is repeatedly killed in Crimstone by a Ravager, during a raid.
  • tge719's map update

    tge719 updates his existing maps from day 3368-3370
  • Period: to

    Map Expansion and Reveal

    from day 3439 to 3457, tge719 embarks on an expansion to expand his map wall. At the end of this expansion, he reveals the map to the rest of the server.
  • tge719 reveals map to the rest of the world

    tge719 reveals map to the rest of the world
  • Period: to

    Mill's Pass Construction

    tge719 creates a new village off the Century-Revival Road named Mill's Pass from day 3599-3833. The start date of this project is an estimated guess.
  • Raptor_854 joins Petricha Clan

  • Server Revival Anouncement

    Luko announces his new plans for the server.
  • PlantVS returns

    for a while, PlantVS returns to the server.
  • 4K Day

    4K Day
    4K day is celebrated by tge719 at Revival. raaidtaha7 and Luko tried to attend, bu couldn't
  • Startwater Progress + Revival Progress

    tge719 bulk-uploads images of his city/mountain expansions
  • tge719 reaches lvl 100 for the first time

  • First House built on Snakestrip Island by tge719 (day 4173)

    First House built on Snakestrip Island by tge719 (day 4173)
  • tge719 builds Snakestrip Island Inn (day 4229)

    tge719 builds Snakestrip Island Inn (day 4229)
  • Mac Brothers' Nether Rework

    Mac Brothers' Nether Rework
    the Mac brothers, Blokkingburger and Raptor_854 reconstruct the nether paths.
  • Period: to

    Ronania Castle Major Construction

    Major construction for Ronania Castle occurs during this time. tge719 is the main builder.
  • tge719 bridges to the nether fortress (day 4421)

  • Period: to

    Wither Battle

    during this time (day 4421- 4500) tge719 summons and kills the Wither
  • First wither skeleton skull obtained (day 4424)

  • All three skulls collected (day 4485)

    All three skulls collected (day 4485)
  • Wither Battle (Round 1)

    Wither Battle (Round 1)
    (day 4491-4492) tge719 prepares and fights the Wither. The Wither escapes the battle tunnels, causing tge719 to retreat
  • Wither Battle (Round 2)

    On day 4497 tge719 comes back and tries to get the Wither into a new tunnel. He succeeds and kills the Wither for the first time on the server.
  • First Beacon

    First Beacon
    the First beacon is powered under the gaurdian farm, at tge719's mining hole (day 4500)
  • 1 Year Anniversary

    1 Year Anniversary
    Luko, PlantVS, Blockkingburger, Raptor_854, Modarm/GreenlandShark tge719 and raaidtaha7 join up at spawn and tour the server, on the 1 year anniversary of the server (4.5k days later)
  • tge719 finds a trident (day 4676)

    tge719 finds a trident (day 4676)
  • New City Founded (day 4717)

    New City Founded (day 4717)
    yet to be named
  • Server Now Runs on 1.16 (Day 4750)

  • First Piglins Discovered (Day 4761)

    First Piglins Discovered (Day 4761)
  • New Village Project

    New Village Project
    first new building of the village is built onday 4840
  • Striders first discovered

    Striders first discovered
    just before 5k, tge719 spots some striders
  • tge719 returns to Startwater

  • 5K day

    5K day
    tge719 celebrates 5kday at Startwater
  • Loyal Boi + Revival Houses

    the final houses of Revival are built. Loyal Boi, the trident of tge719 is enchanted
  • Petricha Shield MK4 created

    tge719 creates his MK4 shield after losing the MK3
  • Nether Exploration (5.3k's)

    tge719 explores the nether in hopes of finding a warped forest. he returns to the overworld on day 5342
  • raaidtaha7 spotted

    after months of inactivity, raaidtaha7 is spotted at century city
  • Startwater Mountain Progress

    progress of Startwater's mountains/ the mountains near the diorite castle
  • Maps relocated (day 5665)

    tge719 relocates his maps to be underneath the Revival mountain
  • Map update (day 5680's)

    map goes from 5x5 to 7x7
  • Tiban founded (late 5.9k's or 6k's)

    the exact date is unknown (in between 1/24/21 and 2/16/21)
  • SimplyLucas and Matthew Tensions Rise

    Tensions rise between SimplyLucas and Matthew
  • 2 Year Anniversary

    It has now been two years since the creation of the server! To celebrate, tge719 updates the timeline and begins to render the map