Minami's milestones

  • 'しちごさん' Ceromony

    'しちごさん' Ceromony
    'しちごさん' is a ceromony for three and seven year old girls and three and five year old boys it is a right of passage ceromony anually held on the 15th of november it is not however a national holiday.
  • ひなまつうり

    Girls day
    The Japenese dolls festival or Girls day. platforms covered with red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls representing the emporer and empress their attentands, musicians in traditional court dress. It is a day to pray for a young girls growth and happiness.
  • にゅうがくし

    school entrance ceromony
    In japan whenever you enter a new school you will go through a entrance ceromony to welcome you to the school
  • Entrance to Primary School

    Entrance to Primary School
    school entrance ceromonies
    This is a Ceromony that they have for kindergarton students coming into primary school. they are welcoming the students to the school. it binds the students closely together faster then normal orientation days.
  • りゅうがくせい

    homestay in australia
  • そつうぎょし

    graduation from highschool.
  • 'Seijinshika no hi'

    'Seijinshika no hi'
    'Seijinshika no hi' is the holiday celebrated on the second monday of january every year to celebrate all 220 year olds becoming an adult.