Mike J Timeline

Timeline created by MikeJessee97@aol.com
  • Dad and mom get busy making me

  • Birth

  • First words

    I said dada cognative
  • Brother Matt is born

  • School begins with kindergarden

    Psychosocial I learned to play and interact with playmates at school
    Biosocial I enjoyed gym class and this helped me continue to develop my motor skills with new activities
  • met my favorite teacher and early mentor

  • Brother Nate is born

  • Teeth knocked out

    I had my teeth knocked out and learned about injury prevention
  • Got saved

    Psychosocial I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and this anchored me in my faith and and helped me develop moral values
  • won spelling bee

    cognative development: I was a good student and quick learner
  • won soccer championship

    biosocial. playing team sports helped me develop
  • I start middle school

  • My first job working full time at schultz farm.

    Legally I could only work 15 hours a week because of my age the first year. Because of this I was paid 15 hours on a check and the rest of my hours were paid in cash. A lot of us were young, just poor kids from ypsi. I worked here 3 summers, 1992, 1994 and 1995.
  • I start high school

  • Start working at Gipferts Marathon gas station in ypsilanti.

  • High school graduation

  • Hire into Ford Motor Company.

  • I buy my first house.

  • I marry Rachel.

  • Daughter Grace is born.

  • First trip to disney world.

  • Son Henry is born.

  • I leave Ford Motor Company under the education buyout.

  • Practical nursing school graduation.

  • Second trip to Disney world.

  • Rachel and I buy a bigger house and move the family.

  • 10 year wedding aniversary

  • Graduate from schoolcraft with first college degree.

  • Pass NCLEX exam and become a registered nurse.

  • Third trip to Disney world.

  • Grace graduates from high school.

  • Grace starts college

  • 20 Year wedding aniversary

  • Grace graduates from college

  • Henry graduartes high school

  • Henry goes to college

  • Henry graduates from college

  • 30 year wedding aniversary

  • First grandchild is born

  • Second grandchild is born

  • Third grandchild is born

  • fourth grandchild is born

  • fifth grandchild is born

  • 40 year wedding aniversary

  • 50 year wedding aniversary

  • Period: to


    I am developing.
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

    Biosocial: I was developing in size and learning how to percieve my environment.
    Cognative: My motor skills were developing and I learned my first words. I was also learning my culture.
    Psychosocial: My emptions were evolving and I was learning and developing social bonds with parents, other children at church and my younger brother.
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

    Biosocial:I was continuing to develop and at age 5 I had my front teeth knocked out in a school accident and developed an understandng of the 3 levels of prevention
    Cognative: Dramatic incresase in vocabulary, learning from mentors and starting school
    Psychosocial: I learned to controll my emotions and deal with problems, dealing with motivation to act based on desire or social pressure like trying to look nice to conform or run outside at recess to play and have fun.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

    Biosocial:Playing outside with friends is a big part of my life at this time, I also enjoy plaing with friends at recess. I was fortunate to be very fit and healthy. I am developing quicker reaction time and my brain is continuing to develop
    Cognative: Language skills develop further. I was enrolled in a religious private school which affected the culture i was learning under.
    Psychosocial: I was developing the concept of self and finding my place on the social ladder. I remember being bullied.
  • Period: to


    Biosocial: Going through puberty and reatching sexual maturity. I remember being in middle school and being attracted to girls and then having girlfriends in highschool.
    Cognative: Logic is starting to rule thought. Starting to use intuition and analysis of the world. I remember trying to figure things out at this time insted of asking parents
    Psychosocial: Relationships with adults are changing as more freedom and responsibility are gained. new relationship with a girlfriend and teen depression
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial:I am at full height but still gaining weight. I am Fortunate to have good mental health and physical health. I practiced safe sex at this time in my life because i did not want children.
    Cognative: I believe i fell behind at this stage of my life from a cognative perspective. I shoud have been developing moral beliefs and pursuing higher education but i chose to work at a labor job and had a party lifestyle and shrugged social expectations.
    Psychosocial: cultural and vocational identi
  • Period: to


    Biosocial:I am starting to show age being 35 today. I have 2 kids so my wife and I are definately fertile. I dont abuse drugs or alcohol but i do eat fatty foods and should exerciese more
    Cognative: my intelligence is developed to deal with life and i develop coping stratigies to deal with adult problems
    Psychosocial:I have a wonderful wife that i share intimacy with mentally and emotionally, I am a parent and a nurse and find intrinsic and extrinsic value in my job as a nursing home nurse
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    Biosocial: Dealing with aging and wear and tear on my body, I try to maintain a balance between getting enough exercise without overdoing it. I try to stay active with my wife and enjoy our golden years
    Cognative: I am slower to think and slower to speak . I try to maintain physical and mental health and dont take many medications
    Psychosocial: Trying to keep in touch with lifelong friends and develop relationships with younger generations of people at church, in my family as children and grandc