Middle East Politics

By Dory
  • Military seize power: Iran & Turkey

    Ruins of empires challenged by reformist groups, military officers take over in alliance with nationalist forces. (early 1920s)
  • Turkey abolishes Caliphate

    Mustafa Kemal did so by creating a part and ensuring it won elections.
  • Kemalism Ideology

    Republicanism, statism, nationalism, populism, secularism, reform. Mustafa Kemal.
  • French leave Syria&Lebanon

  • Palestine War

  • Egyptian Free Officers Coup

    Opened way for 1954 Brit agreement for final withdrawal + Sudan independence 1956. Brought Nasser to power!
  • Decision to build Aswan High Dam

    Part of economic development in Egypt. During Suez invasion nationalised foreign property. 5 year plan 1960-5, more nationalisation.
  • Tunisia&Morocco Independence

    Caused by Algerian revolts in 1954, French freed these two. Algeria only free 1962.
  • United Arab Republic

    Egypt and Syria, only lasted till 61. Helped expand Syrias economy by exports for brief period.