Middle East Conflicts

  • Period: to

    Israeli War of Independance

    Israel declares independance and is ATTACKED by Arab neighbours fighting last 19 months
    Israeli victory=gain territory
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    USA withdraws $ from Aswan Dam project, Nasser nationalizes/controls Suez Canal in retaliation
    UN sends in emergency troops to control area in Nov '56
    Egypt's Nasser gains respect in Arab world
    Cold war heats up in the Middle East, as superpowers choose sides
    LASTED from Oct 29 1956 - Nov 7 1957
  • 6 Day War

    6 Day War
    Surprise ATTACK by Israel; Israel wins easily
    Israel gains A) Sinai B) Gaza strip C) West Bank D) Golan Height
    LASTED from June 5-10
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War
    Surprise ATTACK on Israel during religious holiday
    USA and USSR force ceasefire Egypt regains parts of Sinai
  • Iranian revolution

    Iranian revolution
    Shah of Iran seen as corrupt dictator, supported by USA
    riots broke out in 1979, Exiled religious leader Ayatollah
    US Embassy attacked and hostages taken
    Shah escapes and lives in exile in USA
    USA hostages freed Jan 1981, Tensions with neighbor Iraq increase
  • Period: to

    Iran Iraq War

    Years of rivalry build up with the four main reasons of any war: Power, Money in the form of oil, Land, Religon
    1/2 million lives lost in eight years
    UN negotiates cease-fire in Aug '88; force sent to observe truce
    No clear winner, but IRAN severely handicapped; OIL fields are devestated.
  • Invasion of Lebanon

    Invasion of Lebanon
    Israel ATTACKS to wipe out PLO terrorist camps
    Israel occupies South lebanon for 20+ years
    PLO scatters but survives
    LASTED from June 6 1982 - May 17 1983
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    Iraq invades kuwait Aug '90, UN security imposes immediate Economic sanctions and orders withdrawal
    War begins with massive air attack by UN/US forces
    Iraq retaliates with scud missles aimed at ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA

    LASTED from August 2 1990 - Febuary 28 1991
    Iraq accepts peace terms in April '91, following years UN keeps close eye on IRAQ, especially concerned about NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Tensions mount again in 1994