Middle East

  • The state of Israel was declared into existance.

  • Arab-Israel Conflict

    enlered a new stage with the Suez Caral Crisis.
  • Another Arab-Israel confilct

  • The six day war

  • Arab summit was held in Egypt

    Thereby the creation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was agreed.
  • one of the most renowned terrorists attacks was seen

  • Israeli athletes were killed at the olimpic games

  • the Six-Day war escalated into full war

  • ARGO

    the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was agreed.
  • a mass of palestians against the israeli ocupation.

  • The persian gult war had directed a hention to the region.

  • Demostrations with violence by the government.

  • Palestine elections were seen as a success. OSLO II

    The Oslo awards were done in the white house with his terrical hand shake between former archivals.
  • Arafat died, and Mehmoud albas followed.

  • George W. Bush hasted a conference in Annapolis with intentions of umpstarting the peace process.

  • Barack Obama as a president of the VS, made another effort for peace in the Middle East

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    Angelica Rojas
    Rodrigo Bórquez
    Octavio Villegas
  • Period: to

    Arab-Israel Conflict