Michael Jordan Life Timeline

Timeline created by LucianIPu24
  • Birth

    Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • First Time Picking Up A Basketball

    First Time Picking Up A Basketball
    Once his dad finished constructing a backyard basketball hoop, Michael started what he couldn't have possibly seen as his destiny.
  • NCAA Championship

    NCAA Championship
    In his freshman year, Jordan hit the game winning shot to win the 1982 D1 NCAA Championship.
  • Drafted To Chicago

    Drafted To Chicago
    On the day September 12, 1984, with the 3rd pick in the draft the Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan from The University of North Carolina.
  • The Nike Jordan I

    The Nike Jordan I
    After signing with the already dominant basketball shoe brand 'Nike', MJ wore the first pair of the most sold shoe ever, 'The Air Jordan I'.
  • Slam Dunk Contest

    Slam Dunk Contest
    This contest was an unforgettable moment in basketball history, where Jordan won the contest and performed his even more unforgettable dunk from the free throw line.
  • First MVP

    First MVP
    After averaging an astonishing 35 points per game and winning a plethora of other awards, Jordan inevitably won The Most Valuable Player Award of 1988.
  • First NBA Championship

    First NBA Championship
    This was Michael's first NBA Championship in his career which held this infamous basketball.
  • Family Tragedy

    Family Tragedy
    On July 23, 1993, Mike's dad James Jordan was murdered by multiple gunshot wounds in a car robbery.
  • First Retirement

    First Retirement
    After the tragedy that was his father's death, MJ announced that he would retire for the first time from pro basketball. Because his father loved the sport, Jordan later said he would play professional baseball.
  • Air Jordan Is Back

    Air Jordan Is Back
    After a disappointing season in the Minor Leagues of baseball in honor of his dad, Jordan called a press conference to announce to not only the fans, but to the world, "I'm Back."
  • Last NBA Championship

    Last NBA Championship
    In Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, Jordan scored 45 points (his brothers jersey number) and the game winning shot to beat the Utah Jazz, earning his last career championship.
  • Second Retirement

    Second Retirement
    This time Jordan retired because he no longer felt the desire to play at the highest level of basketball. Though he did make another comeback in 2001 for the Wizards, he was dried up of his former self.
  • Hall of Fame Induction

    Hall of Fame Induction
    On this day, Michael Jordan was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He made his speech about how the sport was more than basketball to him, it was his life.