Mexican Revolution

  • Start of Mexican Revolution

    The revolution started when the president refused to allow "clean" elections
  • Stand up for your rights

    Franisico tells the people in a letter from jail to stand up for their rights.
  • The President is Gone

    Diaz gets over thrown
  • New President

    Francisco I. Madero takes office
  • Madero

    Madero writes his famous Plan of Ayala.
  • Madero's All Alone

    Villa is madero's only ally left
  • Battle of Celayla

    Obregón fought off calvary with machine guns.
  • Battle of Trinidad

    Same battle as 'Battle of Celayla'
  • The Big Four

    Group of people met in alot of conventions to bring peace to the nation
  • Carranza for president

    Wins as president
  • End of war

    War Ended