Mexican Revolution

  • Revolution Begins

    Revolution Begins
    After Porfirio Diaz rigged Mexico's "Democratic election" to defeat his popular rival, Francisco Madero, Madero flees to the United States and declares Díaz 's government invalid, launching the Mexican Revolution.
  • Villa and Zapata fight in the North and South

    After meeting with Madero, Northern Mexican Revolutionaries Pacual Orozco and Pancho Villa join Madero's side, using their bandit tactics in the North. Emiliano Zapata begins to lead revolutionaries in the South in order to win land-reform.
  • Battle of Ciudad Juarez

    Madero, with the help of Orozco, Villa, and Zapata's forces, mangaes to defeat Diaz and take over Juarez. The resulting treaty leaves Diaz without power and gives Madero the government
  • Zapata captures Cuautla

    After a bloody six-day battle, Emiliano Zapata's forces capture the Southern city of Cuautla, marking the end of Diaz' rule.
  • Huerta Seizes Power

    Huerta Seizes Power
    Madero's reform government collapses when General Victoriano Huerta, a strong figure from Diaz's government, seizes Mexico City, arrests and executes Madero, and makes himself President of Mexico. Huerta's brutal government alarms Mexican revolutionaries such as Venustiano Carranza and Pancho Villa, as well as American President Woodrow Wilson
  • Wilson Deals with Carranza and Villa

    In 1914, Woodrow Wilson, not wanting to intervene but also unwilling to recognize Huerta's brutal government, allows American munitions to cross the border into the hands of Carranza and Pancho Villa.
  • Outrage in Tampico

    After being arrested in the Port of Tampico, a small group of American sailors are released and formally apologized to. When the port refuses an American demand to fire a twenty-one gun salute, Wilson asks Congress for the authority to use force against Mexico.
  • Occupy Vera Cruz

    In response to the Tampico Affair and a recent shipment of German arms to Huerta's government, the United States navy invades and captures the Port of Vera Cruz. This occupation nearly causes war and is denounced by Huerta and Carranza alike.
  • Huerta Collapses

    Huerta Collapses
    After suffering a humiliating defeat against Pancho Villa's forces, and facing pressure to leave office, Victoriano Huerta resigns office and is succeeded by Venustiano Carranza, his rival.
  • Pancho Villa's Raids

    Pancho Villa, detesting both Wilson and Carranza, Pancho Villa leads his bandit followers in Northern Mexico and Columbus, New Mexico, slaughtering several dozen Americans in an effort to provoke war between Wilson and Carranza.
  • Pershing enters Mexico

    In response to Pancho Villa's raids, President Wilson dispatches General John J. Pershing to Mexico in order to defeat and capture Villa. Pershing's force of several thousand enjoy several successful engagements against Villa's forces until their withdrawal.
  • World War I ends the chase for Pancho Villa

    World War I ends the chase for Pancho Villa
    Though the U.S inflicted Heavy casulaties on Pancho Villa's army, They failed in capturing or killing him and with the U.S entry into World war 1, were pulled out of Mexico.