Capitol south

Metro Trip Turner

  • Dupont Circle

    Dupont Circle
    Get on the train and head to Glenmont.
  • Farragutnorth

    The second day go to Farragutnorth Station. Head towards Glenmont
  • Metro Center

    Metro Center
    Third day go to the Metro Center. Head towards Stadium-Armory.
  • Federal Triangle

    Federal Triangle
    Day four go to the Federal Triangle. You will transfer to the blue line. Head towards Stadium-Armory
  • Smithsonian

    On the fifth day go to the Smithsonian. That is on the blue line.
  • L'Enfant Plaza

    L'Enfant Plaza
    On the sixth day you will going to the L'Enfant Plaza. You will transfer to the yellow line. Go towards Huntington.
  • Federal Center SW

    Federal Center SW
    Ont he seventh day you will go to the Federal Center SW, You will then transfer from the yellow line to the blue line. Go towards Georgia Ave. Petworth.
  • Capitol South

    Capitol South
    Ont he eigth day you will be going to the Capitol South, Head towards Largo town Center.