Meridian ranch elem

Merdian Ranch International Timeline

  • School Opens

    School Opens
    School opens K-5 with aprximatly 200 students.
  • First Principal

    First Principal
    Eric Paugh opened Meridian Ranch with hopes to turn it into an International Baccalaureate school.
  • Expansion

    The school opened with about 200 students. It currently houses about 600 students. A library was added along with an additional half of the building.
  • 2nd Principal

    2nd Principal
    Carrie Corlew served as assistant principal and then moved into principalship for a year. She had a rocky year with us. We were just starting IB and the staff was not happy with how she treated people. She was placed in a central office position at the end of the school year.
  • Mold

    School was closed over the summer to repair mold damage to all classrooms who had exterior walls. School almost did not reopen on time. Many parents were in an uproar over this.
  • The start of becoming an International Baccalaureate

    The start of becoming an International Baccalaureate
    Meridian Ranch starts the journey of becoming an IB school.
  • 3rd Principal for 1 month

    3rd Principal for 1 month
    Karol Gates started the year and then got a job with CDE. She was gone by October. This was hard on the staff.
  • 4th Principal/Assistant

    4th Principal/Assistant
    Rebecca Thompson and Kathy Wenniger were acting as two assistant principals due to the fact that Karol left at the beginning of the year. There was no true direction for our school other than IB. No one new who to go to.
  • Became a K-5 school

    Became a K-5 school
    The 6th graders moved over to the middle school.
  • 5th Principal

    5th Principal
    Robin Colbert lasted for one year. She was not a good fit for our community of parents.
  • Stucco

    All the brick on the school needed to be stuccoed to help keep the water out. This was done district wide, Many parents wondered where the money came from to do this. It was paid for by the builders.
  • 6th Principal

    6th Principal
    Erica Mason come to us from central office where she was in charge of curriculum. This will be Erica's 3rd year at Meridian Ranch. Our school finally has some stability.
  • Official International Baccalaureate School

    Official International Baccalaureate School
    Meridian Ranch was approved to be an IB school. It was a huge relief for the school to have passed the IB review.
  • Change of school name

    Change of school name
    We officially become Meridian Ranch International School.
  • Innovation begins

    Innovation begins
    It was announced that our district would be going for district wide innovation status and that we would be broken up into 3 zones. The zones were determined by the feeder patterns. This created fear among everyone. No one new what to expect and the rumors started to circulate throughout the distrcit.
  • Cutbacks

    Due to district cutcacks our school had to cut IB, SOAR, Spanish, and certified Librarians. The fear was in the air of who would be getting the next pink slip. We are operating on over $20,000 less for our building this year.
  • Start of a new year

    Start of a new year
    The start of a new year with innovation on everybodies minds and figuring out how to teach without IB and still use all the wonderful aspects of it. we also have a short deadline for all innovation plans to be submitted and voted on. There will be a few new board members in this election.