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Me and Maria

  • First time we met

    The first time we met in Bapaume.
  • First time we talked

    We talked before the breakfast in Bapaume. We were waiting to get in to the cantine.
    We also talked during that evening when we were trying each others candy and food.
  • Second meeting

    We met for a second time in Bordeaux.
  • Friends on Facebook

    When I added you on Facebook.
  • First Facebook conversation

    The first time we talked on facebook, about The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I had liked your comment when you suggested the film to someone.
  • When it all started

    It was my birthday and you sent me the Unbirthday Song. I thought you were funny and it was there that we started to talk for real. Also there that we started making plans on meeting each other.
  • Phone number

    The day when you gave me your phone number on Facebook.
  • It was decided

    When we decided that I would come to Groix and see you and when I bought the tickets for it.
  • Mexican beer

    When I spent all day in Bordeaux, searching for Mexican beer to give you. I finally found it, in the last store that I would try before going home.
  • Third time we met

    The third time we met, on Groix.
  • Our first kiss

    The first evening in Groix when we were watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. We were both sitting in your bed, I had my arm around you. You kissed med two times on my cheek and then I turned around and kissed you.
  • Period: to

    Our first weekend together.

    The weekend we spent in Groix together. As well as the day in Lorient where we drank Mexican beer.
  • Our first time "swimming"

    When we went to the so called beach and got really wet from the waves and the rain. And also went to the place with a lot of seaweed and kind of swimmed, I was too cold so I didn't stay for so long.
  • Our first dates

    The day of our first and our second date. We started out with the first date. But then we realized that we had kissed so we made that the second date instead. Then we had another first date where we weren't supposed to kiss, but I couldn't help it and kissed you anyways. We ate at Subway and we sat down together in the grass talking.
  • See each other again?

    Right when we got back to our towns in France we started discussing how we could see each other again before you left.
  • It was decided again

    The day that it was decided that I would come to Rennes.
  • The fourth time

    The day that I arrived in Rennes. When I met some of your French friends. The day that I passed my DELF as well, which I almost had to cancel to see you.
  • Period: to

    Our second weekend

    Our second weekend together. We spent it in Rennes, St Malo and Nantes.
  • Together

    The day when you became my girlfriend. At that restaurant in St Malo. We had spent the day in the harbor. We had beautiful weather, we sent bottle mail (you cheated) and we drank Mexican beer again. You also taught me the base of Salsa, and laughed at me when I tried to do it. Then I took you to a restaurant, and after we had eaten I asked you if you wanted to be my girlfriend and gave you the necklace as a symbol. You said yes.
  • Our last time in France

    Our last time together in France. One of the sunniest days of the year up to that day. I came with you to the YFU reunion were we could barely touch each other, it was really annoying. Then we spent some hours in Nantes that went way too fast. We said good bye at the train station at 19:04 and I cried.
  • When you left me here alone :(

    The day when you took the plane to Mexico, leaving me all alone here in France!
  • Our bet!

    The start of our bet, when I sent the letter. If it arrives before the 7th August it's me who wins, if it's afterwards it's you.