• when i was born

    i think this is pretty self explanatory
  • first day of elementary

    first day of elementary
    i don't remember it too much but i do remember i fell on the playground
  • My brother

    when we were at the hospital waiting for him i got to eat a bagel and juice :D
  • Going to california

    We went to california for my dads sister/aunts wedding(i don't remember if it was sister or aunt) we also went to universal studios and disneyland while we were there and the beach.
  • New york

    we recently went to knew york city and niagara falls, it was a fun experience although i have already been to new york once before. we left at 6:30 16/2021 we entered the state at 7:00 the next morning but we arrived in the city at 11:00, we went to niagara falls after and i got to board a boat to go up to them. and i bought a shirt at niagara too.