My Life

Timeline created by Angelo Baltazar-vilchez
  • I was born..

    I was born on July 31st 2006, in New Brunswick NJ. The hospital I was born in is called Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH). I was born exactly at 8:56am.
  • Pre-K

    The first day I went to Pre-K I started to cry because it was like the first time my parents left me by myself with strangers. The teachers there tried to make me comfortable but it wouldn't work sadly. Happily I got to adapt more to it since I had to be there every week.
  • Elementary

    My first day of elementary which was Kindergarten was similar to the first day of Pre-K, but as time passed I got used to it again. As I went into the other grades which were 1st through 5th I started to like school more because I made more and more friends. At the end when I was in 5th grade I still liked school but I was nervous about going into middle school.
  • Middle School

    When I went to school the first day of middle school I was worried about how the teacher were going to be. It wasn't that bad, the only thing that changed that I had more responsibilities. When I was finishing 8th once again I was nervous and worried about how high school was going to be.
  • High School

    The first day of High School was virtual till now, present. The first few days was chill until the 2nd week came in thats when a whole tone of work came my way, I wasn't prepared for that usually other years we take it slow. Right now things aren't looking beautiful but I'll make sure to make them beautiful.