McDaniel-6th per. Kristin

By kgk4096
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  • The first ever flag

    May 20 1776 was the day that George W. asked Betty Ross to sew the first ever American flag. This flag is very big and is missing a star.
  • The Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence was made to state and portect are Rights. The Declaration is now in D.C. inside the National Archives.
  • Wining the Revolutionary war

    The King George gave up after many many years of battell and gory. We had beat the best army in the world and got are freedom
  • Women got the right to vote

    after many years of chanting women finly got the wright to vote on Aug. 18 1920
  • The Great Depression

    The stock marked crashed on 24 Oct. 1929. Some people call it "Black Tuesday". Many people lost jobs and became hobos on the street. Hobo might sount funny now but is was seiros back then.
  • man on the moon

    BLAST OFF!!! America flew the first rocket to the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon and made history that no person could ever forget!
  • Kristin K. Born

    Kristin K. was born on 7/11/01. I have a sumer birthday and I love warm weather!
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