(MB) Rebel Angels, Libba Bray, Fiction [548 pages]

  • Chapter 1-3 (pages1-25)

    It is the December 1895.
    Kartik has been accepted into the elite group known as the Rakshana, and must find the "East Star". Back at Spence Academy for Young Ladies is Gemma, Felicity, and Ann are perparing for Christmas and go to wish their deciest friend Pippa a Merry Christmas in a place known as the Relms.
    Gemma then finds a piece of paper belonging to Katrik saying he needs to see her immediatly. (25 pages) [total pages; 252]
  • Chapter 3-7 (pages 26-54)

    Gemma recals what she knows abou the Order to refresh her mind. Like they are the most powerful women, and have special powers. In chapter 4, the gils at Spence get a new "arts" teacher. Just in time for Christmas there is the first snowfall of the year, complete with a snowball fight. (28 pages) [total pages: 280]
  • Chapter 7-11 (pages 55-92)

    Gemma, Ann, Felicity, and the rest of the school go to a play, Hansel and Grettel, for the night. At the play Gemma gets a vision of 3 girl ghost on a cliff. When she comes through everyone in the theatre is in shock as she a begun to menstrate. After Gemma recoveres she returns to classes the next day, only to find herself in her "arts" class. As she trys archery she shoots her teacher in the hand. (37 pages) [total pages: 317]
  • Chapter 11-13 (pages 93-120)

    Gemma, Ann, and Felicity go to visit Pippa in the Relms, just before they all go their seperate ways for the holidays. Felicity and Ann go with Felicity's family for the holidays, while Gemma stays at Spence for a while longer. She finds Katrik there and he has her help him find the Temple located in the Relms. Then it is off to sleep for the both of them. (27 pages) [total pages: 344]
  • Chapter 13-16 (pages 121-162)

    Gemma waits st the train station for her older brother Tom to pick her up, but of course he is late. This is where Gemma meets Simon Middleton, a very handsome young man who she fancies. Simon just happens to be Tom's friend from college. On the London street Gemma meets with her "arts" teacher and plans to have tea with her, Felicity, and Ann. Gemma arrives to her Grnadmother's home to find her father completely hung over. (41 pages) [total pages: 385]
  • Chapter 14-19 (pages 163-201)

    Gemma finds a pacakge in the mail for her from Simon Middleton!
    Later when the girls go to have tea with their "arts" teacher they find nothing interesting about her and have a plesent time. When the girls go to lunch with Felicity's mother, they take a detour and head to the Relms to find the Temple, but have no luck. But meet many interesting creatures along the way.
    When they arrive back at the clubhouse Ann is asked to sing, and schocks everyone there. (38 pages) [total pages: 423]
  • Chapter 19-29 (pages 202-274) CONTINUED

    each member of the order has a "code" name, and Miss McCreathy's is Circe, the terrible spirit trying to take over the Relms. Then the girls proceed to visit Pippa in the Relms, which is is acting quite strange. While they search for the Temple they find a group for girls being lead into the Winterlands. As they leave and return to Felicity's home they fly freely over London and save a man from suicide. (72 pages) [total pages: 495]
  • Chapter 19-26 (pages 202-274)

    Gemma heals her father, and meets with Katrik, and finds that Miss McCreathy's ring is part of the Order symbols. She then goes to have dinner with the Middletons the next night.
    Gemma goes to a mental hospital the next day with her brother to see a troubled woman who is a part of the Order. Then Gemma meets with Felicity and Ann and goes to a book shop Miss McCreathy recommended. The girls find Miss McCreathy there and get the same copy of an odd book. As they read they find out each member
  • Chapter 26-32 (pages 275-340) CONTINUED

    they take a trip to the Relms with Gemma's necklace now to be used as a compass. They find a sort of cave only to be painted and have all of their powers transsferd to Gemma herself. (pages read: 65) [total pages: 560]
  • Chapter 26-32 (pages 275-340)

    Gemma sends off a letter to St. Victoria's School for Girls inquiring about Miss. McCleethy. And then the girls meet up with Miss Moore, who takes them to an Art exhibit with an interesting painting of a 'Rebel Angel'. Then Gemma and her family are invited by the Middleton's to go to the Opera.
    Gemma then meetes with Katrik to disscuss some strnage happenings with Cirece and the Rakhshana.
    When Gemma goes to the Opera, Ann and Felicity are there and they make a trip with Gemma's necklace to
  • Chapter 32-39 (pages 345-421)

    Gemma and her family arrive at the Bethlem Dance, only to meet Felicity, and Ann. And Nell Hawkins discloses the origin of the Temple in a code to them all. The next day is Christmas, and Gemma's father hasn't come home yet, so she finds him at an Opium bar. Ann, Felicity, and Gemma then get ready for Felicity's Christmas ball. Later in the dance the girls go with Simon to have some liquior, and they all end up drunk and have to leave early. (pages 76) [total pages: 636]
  • Chapter 39-44 (pages 422-474)

    Felicity is still angry at Gemma for adressing her and her cousin at her own dance. But they make up, and Gemma, Felicity, and Ann go into the relms to find the Temple. They follow the path, but run into a fake Temple, run by the Poppy Worriers. They are very troublesome and scary towards the girls and even Gemma's father. The next time they enter Ann gets captured by the Water Nymphs, and Gemma gets Miss Moore to help save her, but gets left in the Relms. (pages 52) [total pages: 688]
  • Chapter 44-46 (pages 475-505)

    Gemma goes to Felicity's home, and geta kidnapped by the Rakshana. And Gemma is confused about how Mrs. McCleathy fits into the situation, wether she is bad or good. Gemma escapes the clutches of the Raskhana and grabbsa carrage to Mrs, Moore's home to hid from her kidnappers. She finally comes out of hiding and is caught by the Constable and is mutter things to herself like a mad-woman. (30 pages) [total pages: 718]

    The girls go to the Relms and find the Temple in the Cave of Sighs, with Asher atnading right there. Gemma goes to the waterfall to bind the magic, and she is interrupted by Ms. Moore who has Nell and is ready to sacrifice her.
    Gemma uses Felicity's last arrow to shoot Nell, and to stop Ms. Moore.. Gemma binds the magic and everthing returns to whaat they were, only with a slight twist. When the girls all return to Spence Felicity starts lessons on archery with some younger girls.

    Ann is happy. And Gemma turns down Simon Middelton. Gemma also gets to know Ms. Nightwig better and they all find their way back into their societys. THE END (pages 42) [total pages: 760]
  • Chapter 46-END (page 506-548)

    Gemma wakes from a long sleep after being found wandering London with a fever. The Doctor determines that she has a fever and is put to bead rest. While asleep for 3 days she finds the location of the Temple. When she wakes to find Felicity and Ann right beside her bed-side.
    When she is well enough she takes a trip to Bethem to Visit Nell Hawkins. And discovers that she still has a chance to save the Relms.
    She goes to catch Felicity and Ann before they catch the train back to Spence.