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Matt Kinney Technology

  • Period: to

    technology throught my life

    dates on which i reseaved or used some sort of technology for the first time
  • Television

    earliest time i can remember when i first started paying attention to the television
  • VHS tape

    VHS tape
    got my first VHS tape (Lion King)!!!
  • Nintendo

    grandpop baought me my first gaming platform
  • Watch

    recieved my first watch so i could be home in time for dinner
  • Super Nintendo

    Super Nintendo
    Christmas day recieved the awesome super nintendo
  • Telephone

    regularly started using the phone to call friends
  • Computer

    first started using the computer
  • Y2K

    First time i realized how dependent we are on computers and just how far computer technology has come since when my parents were my age
  • DVD

    parents finally invested in a DVD player
  • Camera

    got my first camera to take pictures on my trip to England
  • Phone

    got my first phone as a way to contact me now that i had my license
  • My first television

    My first television
    it took till i was sixteen but i finally saved up enough money to buy my own TV for my room
  • Ipod

    got my first Ipod that i still have and use everyday
  • Laptop

    bought my first laptop for college
  • Smart phone

    Smart phone
    bought myself my first smart phone