Maths with Mr May

  • Made timetoast account

    We made our timetoast accounts and we also drew nets of cuboids
  • Accurate nets

    today we reminded ourselves on how to make accurate nets
  • Homework

    today we had homework on edmodo to draw a net for boobys medals.
  • making chips

    today we made chips with our name on them and picture, we put them in pots at the end of the lesson. the red one if we didnt understand the lesson, yellow if we sort of got it and finally reen if we completely understood the lesson
  • complicated nets

    after making the chips, we looked at cmplicated pictures on the board and tried to make them into nets - it was quite hard
  • reflecting shapes

    Today we looked at reflecting shapes vertically, horizontaly and diagonally.
  • reflecting polygons

    today the learning objective was to reflect plygons horizontally, vertically and diagonally in labelled lines of reflection
  • reflectiong and translating

    We reflected shapes and then moved them on a using vecor instructions. And then we had a go at creating a word when shapes have been moved using reflection and a vector instruction.
  • terus

    we played a math game using vector instructions
  • test

    we had a maths test
  • translating polygons

    We translated polygons on a grid using a vector instruction
  • enlargement

    we learnt how to enlarge shapes
  • englargement

    we learnt about enlargement
  • enlargement

    we learnt more about englargement
  • playing a game

    we played a game using vecter instructions
  • Scatter graphs

    We were first taught about scatter graphs an saw what they were like.
  • Scatter graphs

    we looked at scatter graohs again and learnt more about the line of best fit.
  • Scatter graphs

    We looked at scatter graohs again
  • Zombie hunting

    We used our scatter graph knowledge to hunt zombies around barton.
  • Pie Charts

    We reminded ourselves of how to create pie charts an we ha a go at it.