Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

  • Birth

  • Her mother died

  • Percy Shelley meets Mary for the first time

    Mary us having a love affair with Percy (who is already married, and haves two kids)
    marry's father and the society are against their relationship
  • Mary ran a away from England with Percy

  • Mary hear a story about the dead coming back to life

  • Pregnant and she gave birth to a girl

    But the babygirl dies after a few days
  • She gave birth to William

  • Acompany with to clever men

  • Mary's half sisters Fanny dies because of suicide

  • Travel to Schwitzerland with Persy

    A vacation. One month
  • She writes Frankenstein

  • Percy and Mary gets married

    They get married after Percy's wife dies
  • Mary finish her story "Frankenstein"

  • Frankenstein gets published

  • William died

  • Percy and Mary moves to Italy

  • Mary is getting birth to another child Clara

  • Clara dies

  • Mary became cold and started feeling less

  • Mary is pregnant with her fourth child

    At an age of 24
  • Percy dies at an age of 29

    Percy drowns on a lake with a friend because he is "lost in a sea"
  • Mary returns to England

    She returns to continue her career, and she struggles to make Percy's work famous
  • She writes Valperga

  • She writes The last man

  • Mary dies