Martha Raines High School

  • School of Choice Opens

    In the fall of 2002, the school of choice for Katy ISD opened. There was one classroom housed in a prefab on the Opportunity Awareness Center Campus.
  • Campus officially becomes Martha Raines High School

    Katy Independent School District officially names the campus Martha Raines High School in honor of Martha Raines. Ms Raines was a instructor at Mayde Creek High School. During her career, she not only made sure her students understood the principles and importance of math but also fostered a strong sense of community involvement in her students.
  • Bracewell-Tucker named RHS principal

    Becky Bracewell-Tucker is named campus principal, replacing Dr. Patti Bing. Ms Bracewell-Tucker is responsible for RHS as well as the Opportunity Awareness Center, and the Behavior Transition Program. All are housed on the OAC campus.
  • RHS moves into permanent building

    Just in time for school to start, the remodel and expansion of the former OAC building is completed. RHS classrooms will be on the second floor of the new section of the building. Also available are a cafeteria and library on the first floor.
  • RHS first official graduation

    On January 7, 2008, 12 seniors officially graduated from Martha Raines High School. Most The rest of the 91 graduates had completed their coursework at RHS but chose to graduate from their home campuses.
  • Expansion of building

    Construction is nearing completion on the expansion into the 2nd floor shell space. The expansion includes five new classrooms, a large project based instructional area, a project activity center, new teacher workroom, and new office space.