market blues

By ADA0080

  • chapter 10

    sam has just gone back in time he wakes up shocked meets a boy name flea.
  • chapter 12

    sam meets gerti and gertis brother gets trapped by bulls stampeding and gets chase by cops.
  • chapter 14

    bootrs flea and spud find curly in the princess theater they get him kicked out of a place.
  • chapter13

    boots flea and spud helps get his trumpet back from curly.
  • chapter 15

    sam shots boots in the leg and boots goes to the doctor and sam gets blame by flea.
  • CHAPTER 16

    sam has gone back to his era and gets grounded for being away to long.
  • chapter 18

    by wdnesday night sam was starting to feel crazy at the prospect of being stuck at home all the time.
  • chapter 17

    it is the melbourne cup weekend AND EVERYTHING FOR SAM HAS GONE FROM BAD TO WORSE vicki and tony are going out.
  • chapter 19

    sam tried to keep his head down and just get through one day at a time but things atschool werent any better than at home.
  • chapter 20

    sam tell yao that he travelled in time to the 1900ths and yao thinks his crazy.
  • chapter 11

    sam gets his trumpet stolen from him by a boy name cruly.
  • chapter 2

    sam and tony go to a market and start selling food and stuff.
  • chapter 3

    yao sams friend finds a yo yo sam takes it and does around the world and it hits the teacher in the noses and starts bleeding.
  • chapter 4

    sam went out and saw his dad and then his dad took him home and sams mum was worried and his parnets were fighting and sam got grounded.
  • chapter 5

    sam goes out and trys to get some money
  • Chapter 6

    sam was trying to sell tomatoes and had a compederter called yao and sam desided to throw a tomato at yao then he threw one back and kept throwing them and sam got grounded and starts school.
  • chapter 7

    sam watched from a corner as his dad took the old poets place because samwas listing to a poet talk about race horses and his dad was in it.
  • chapter 8 Basking and batman

    sam got up at 8:00 and sam pulled out his trumpet case out from underneath the bed and flung it open and got ready to got and get some money for music.
  • chapter 1

    about a boy name sam has a friend name tony witch is his boss they go to the market and buy food to sell.sam has a crush a a girl named angel.